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How to Negotiate a Jetta Lease

How to Negotiate a Jetta Lease

If you put low mileage on your cars and you frequently have the desire to upgrade to a newer vehicle in lieu of keeping the vehicle until the wheels fall off, then a lease might be just the thing for you. A Jetta lease gives you the opportunity to have a brand new Jetta for a monthly payment that is often far less than what it would otherwise be if you were to finance it for an outright purchase.

The Credit Facts

There’s little doubt about it, having questionable credit could make it difficult for you get a lease on your new car. To get the best deal on your Jetta lease it is important that you have a high credit rating; this goes beyond having a good credit score. This includes having a credit history that details a positive history of paying off your current debt on time as well as having a good debt to income ratio. This means that the sum of your debt should, naturally, not exceed your income. You should have sufficient income to pay off all of your monthly bills and have a good amount left over.

Keep in mind that a questionable credit history does not exclude you from landing the Jetta lease that you are looking for. If some of the items on your credit report could be explained or shouldn’t be on your report, you may be able to discuss this with the finance team at the car dealership.

Negotiating Your Deal

If your credit is in fantastic shape and you have a good down payment in your back pocket, then you have a lot of power to negotiate a good deal on your Jetta lease. There are a few things to keep in mind prior to walking into the dealership so that you can maintain the upper hand at all times.

  • Don’t fall in love with the first Jetta that you drive; while it might seem like it is the absolute perfect car for you, there is always going to be another one somewhere if you don’t get the exact Jetta lease that you are looking for.
  • Research all of your options prior to walking into a dealership. Know all that there is to know about the Jetta that you’re interested in leasing and know what kind of fine print you could expect to see on your lease paperwork.
  • Feel comfortable negotiating the lease price; while you may be told that this is not a negotiable price, the truth is that price is rarely non-negotiable. Don’t negotiate the monthly payment; negotiate the overall sales price on the vehicle. Find out what the dealer’s price on the Jetta is and negotiate up from that price. Do not let the sales person tell you that nothing is negotiable.
  • Be prepared to walk out of the door if things aren’t going the way that you have hoped; at the end of the day it is about your willingness and comfort level with the finances. If the dealer is not willing to be flexible then you should move on.

Negotiating your Jetta lease, instead of simply accepting what the dealership offers you, can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your lease!

Photo courtesy of Sean Davis.

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