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How to Remove Upper Lip Wrinkles

How to Remove Upper Lip Wrinkles

Upper lip wrinkles develop over time as the skin ages and loses its elasticity. Smokers especially are prone to developing upper lip wrinkles due to the pursing of the lips that occurs during smoking of cigarettes, as well as the damaging effects of the smoke itself on skin. Even those who don’t smoke can develop upper lip wrinkles with age, but there are some things that can be done to reverse them.

The most common treatment for lines and wrinkles is retinol, which appears in a wide variety of over the counter wrinkle creams and lotions. Upper lip wrinkles can be difficult to treat because of their location, but regular wrinkle reducing creams can be safely used around the mouth if done carefully. There are also anti-aging lip balms that can be used to reduce and help eliminate upper lip wrinkles when used on and around the edge of the lips.

For deeper upper lip wrinkles, you might want to consider a wrinkle filler such as Botox or Juvederm. Talk to your dermatologist about these products to find out if they are an option for you. Both are temporary solutions that help to plump up the skin where it is wrinkled and created the look of more even skin. Some doctors recommend a combination of both types for upper lip wrinkles as they can be a challenge to fill due to the area being used so much.

For upper lip wrinkles you can also opt for treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels. These procedures can be performed by a dermatologist or skin care specialist, and involve removing the upper layers of skin to reveal more youthful and smoother skin beneath. There are also laser treatments available for wrinkle reduction, but they can be very expensive and require repeated treatments for the best results.

One of the best ways to treat upper lip wrinkles is prevention; and prevention methods can even be applied when wrinkles have already started to prevent worsening. The two main keys to preventing upper lip wrinkles are moisturizing and avoiding sun exposure. Be sure to use hypo-allergenic day and night creams as well as protective lip balm that contains an SPF of at least 15. Face lotions should also contain a minimum SPF of 15 for day use. The better you can protect your skin from the elements the less you chance of developing upper lip wrinkle.

Upper lip wrinkles can be difficult to treat once they have been formed, so the best practice is to do your best to avoid them entirely. However, if you have already seen wrinkles forming, start treatment right away with wrinkle reducing creams and continue your prevention methods to prevent worsening. If you want to explore methods beyond over the counter creams, make an appointment with a dermatologist or skin care specialist to discuss your options. Treatment of wrinkles may pose some risk of side effects, so you should discuss them in full with a professional before making a decision.

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