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How to Safely Use Dog Tranquilizers

How to Safely Use Dog Tranquilizers

Dog tranquilizers have many different benefits and can be used for a variety of reasons. A veterinarian usually prescribes dog tranquilizers to dog patients in order to help solve a problem that the dog is experiencing, such as fear, anxiety or aggression.  

There are quite a few reasons why a dog would be prescribed a dog tranquilizer. The most common reason is nervousness or anxiety. There are quite a few dogs in the world today that are extremely high strung and need to be constantly placated by their owners. When these dogs need to visit the vet, or the groomer, their nervousness takes over and they become inconsolable.  A dog tranquilizer will help them remain composed during the veterinarian visit or grooming appointment.

Another reason that dog tranquilizers are used is for separation anxiety. These are the dogs that have a melt down every time their owner steps out of the house and leaves them alone. As a result, these dogs may tear up the couch cushions or undertake some other form of household destruction whilst their owner is away. Dog tranquilizers given to these dogs would help them stay calm until their owner comes home again.

Often there are dogs that need to travel with their family either for vacation or because they are moving house. Some dogs do not do very well when traveling in a car and so a dog tranquilizer may help them sleep through the trip. Dogs that are extremely unruly and aggressive may also be good candidates for dog tranquilizers. In this scenario the tranquilizers will help the dog control his nerves so that effective training can take place. 

Although dog tranquilizers may seem like the perfect way to help calm your hyperactive pooch or neurotic dog, there are precautions that you should take in order to make sure that your dog has a good experience on them. Although dog tranquilizers can be quite effective, they should not be used for extended periods of time. This is because most dog tranquilizers actually have side effects that can be harmful to dogs.

If you are considering using dog tranquilizers because your dog is acting out, you should seriously reconsider. This type of problem is best solved with proper training. The use of the tranquilizer should be seen as a temporary solution. However, there are other side effects of dog tranquilizers that should be noted, such as your dog experiencing an increase in thirst and either an increase in his or her appetite or a complete lack thereof,  lethargy and a general lack of interest in any of their normal activities, confusion, and even an overall change of your dog’s personality.

It is good to note that some dogs are lucky in that they will not experience any type of side effect at all. Even if your dog is one of these lucky ones, be careful because dog tranquilizers that are administered over a long period of time can still have negative side effects that pop up at any time.    

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