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How to Select a Boys Gilet

How to Select a Boys Gilet

A boys gilet (sometimes called a boys gillet) is another name for a sleeveless jacket, outerwear vest or sweater vest made for boys or men. Gilets are useful because they provide extra warmth to the body’s core while allowing free movement of the arms. This makes them popular to wear in a number of sports, including biking and skiing. Selecting a boys gilet involves knowing when it will be worn, what it will be worn for and the temperature in which it will be worn. These factors all affect the selection of fabric and filling type when choosing a boys gilet.

Steps for Choosing a Boys Gilet

The first step in selecting a boys gilet is to determine where it will be worn. Will this be used in a sport or simply worn during winter for extra warmth? Sports shops carry a variety of boys gilets for sports like biking and skiing. A gilet for biking will be much thinner and lighter than one meant for warmth during skiing.

The next step is to determine what temperature the gilet be worn in. If you’re looking for a boys gilet to be worn in very cold temperatures, you will likely need one that is stuffed or padded with extra insulation. The two main types of insulation are down, the tiny feathers from waterfowl, or a synthetic polyester fiber fill. Down is often much warmer and lighter, but the downsides are that some people are allergic to it and it can cause irritation due to the sharp ends of the feathers poking the wearer. Down is also somewhat more difficult to launder. Polyester fiber fill is usually a bit heavier, but it does not have the allergy problems or uncomfortableness caused by actual feathers.

Purpose and temperature will also need to be taken into account when selecting the shell material of your boys gilet. Boys gilets are made from a variety of materials including cotton, nylon and even some space-age fabrics like Gore-Tex. Also consider the fabric’s ability to withstand staining and how easily it can be washed when making your final decision.

Finally, you should consider fit and brand when selecting a boys gilet. Choose a brand that you trust for its ability to wear well. A quality national brand boys gilet will last through many launderings. Well-known brands generally have a better fit than cheaper ones as well.

Selecting a boys gilet involves knowing a bit about what activity and temperature in which it will be worn. Boys gilets for colder temperatures are typically padded with down or polyester for added warmth. Once you know how heavy of a boys gilet to purchase, you’ll want to pick one made from materials that will not cause allergic reactions, will wear well and will be easy to launder.

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