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How to Send Flowers Anonymously

How to Send Flowers Anonymously

There are many situations where you want to offer the excitement of receiving flowers, but you wish for your identity to remain anonymous. Perhaps you’re surprising your significant other and want to reveal later that you were the sender of the flowers. Maybe you’re letting someone know he or she is loved without letting on that you’re the source of that love. Whether the flowers are intended for a spouse, a secret love, or a friend, there are some easy and surefire ways to ensure that your identity is kept unknown.

The first step is to choose your flower delivery company. You can go with a small, local outfit, or you can go with a national chain. Either way, it’s possible to send flowers anonymously. You’ll just have to double check with whatever company you’re using. If it’s a small florist, they are almost always willing to work with their customers’ requests. Being small, they are simply able to provide that kind of accommodation. If, however, you want the security and reputation of a larger company, make sure to visit the FAQ page or call the company’s customer support line to ensure they do anonymous delivery.

Once you’ve found a company that’s willing to let you send flowers anonymously, make sure you are very explicit about your intent to stay anonymous. If the florist isn’t told exactly what you want, it stands to reason that you won’t get exactly what you want. Tell the florists two things. One, you don’t want a signed card to accompany the flowers, and two, you don’t want the florist to reveal your name if the recipient of the flowers calls to ask. This second request is sometimes forgotten and can lead to the florist ultimately giving out your name.

If you are particularly concerned about your identity being known, make sure to pay cash when you send flowers anonymously. Any checks or credit cards can be linked back to you via a paper trail.

Also, realize that some florists can’t allow you to send flowers anonymously. Whether it’s because it’s simply against their policy, or they’ve had a bad experience in the past, there are some companies that just can’t meet this request. Respect the policy of the specific florist and check with another company. You’re sure to find someone that can help you deliver the flowers without bringing in your name.

The last piece of advice about how to send flowers anonymously serves more as a general warning. Nothing malicious or detrimental (physically or emotionally) should ever be delivered through the mail or other intermediary source. This can be construed as a kind of harassment, and even if you request to remain anonymous, the florist has grounds to release your identity should any authority request it. This, of course, will not be a problem if you’re sending flowers or other gifts with good intentions. If, however, you are doing it to be in any way malicious, realize that your anonymity might not be fully protected.

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