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How To Send Flowers By Wire

How To Send Flowers By Wire

Everybody loves getting flowers. Whether it’s a man, woman, parent, boss, or friend, there’s never a better way to show somebody you appreciate them, or miss them, or love them, then by sending them a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. The great thing is, with advanced technology, sending flowers to the people you care about is easier than ever. Gone are the days of driving all the way across town to the florist, or trying to figure out how to get fresh flowers to somebody on the other side of the country. Now, you can easily select, purchase, and send fresh flowers by wire.

Sending flowers by wire takes all the guesswork out of ordering flowers for somebody special. Basically, when you order flowers by wire, you are outsourcing the job of locating a florist and setting up delivery to a company that networks with the various florists around the country, and around the world, and sets up the arrangements for you. It’s like having your own personal secretary. The process is quite simple.

Steps For Sending Flowers By Wire

First, you’ll want to locate a reputable service. There are a variety of well-established businesses with websites that make ordering your flowers simple. FTD.com and Teleflora.com are both well established floral delivery services but you can find a variety of other dealers by checking out websites, such as Flowers in San Francisco, or doing a search on your favorite search engine for “flowers by wire” or “send flowers.” This will bring you to a list of both outsourcing websites that do the work for you, to mom and pop shops where, if you incorporate your desired delivery location, you can often order straight from the actual florist who will be creating and delivering your arrangement.

Once you find a reputable vendor to send your flowers by wire, you’ll want to decide in the perfect floral arrangement for your recipient. Many flowers by wire websites offer a variety of options with styles specifically designed for holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. If you are on a budget, you will often also have the option of narrowing your search by price or viewing only items that have special sales. In certain cases, some flowers will only be available in certain geographical areas. Be sure to check your flowers by wire service to see what their policy is on substitutions. Typically, in the event that a flower in your chosen arrangement is not available, they may choose to substitute it for a different flower of equal or greater value.

After you have selected your flowers, you’ll want to consider any upgrades available. Sometimes you are able to customize your order with additional flowers, or a more exquisite vase. Most vendors also offer additional gifts to send along with your flowers such as wine, teddy bears, and chocolates. Be sure to remember a personalized card whenever you send flowers by wire. Unless you are sending the flowers as a secret admirer, you’ll probably want to include a card that designates who you are and why you are sending this person flowers. As with most card-worthy occasions, messages from the heart have the most impact.

When you have finished compiling your order, you’ll need to let the vendor know where you want your order to be delivered. If you’re dealing with an outsourcing company, you should be able to delivery most anywhere, whereas if you’re dealing with a locally-owned company, your delivery options may be limited to only that locality. You’ll also need to indicate when you want your flowers by wire delivered. Many companies offer same day or next day delivery service for those forgetful types or in the event of sudden surprises. You can also order a couple months in advance if necessary to avoid the stress and added costs of last minute gift buying. Always be sure to check with your vendor if you are ordering for a holiday, as they might require you to purchase your flowers a week or two in advance in order to ensure timely delivery.

Once you’ve provided the necessary shipping and delivery information, you’ll need to pay for your purchase. Most online vendors will accept major credit cards, or offer you the option to pay by echeck. Some even accept PayPal as a form of payment. Always be sure to save a copy of the receipt and print a copy of the confirmation code or number if you are provided one. This will provide proof of payment in the event that there is a problem with delivery or billing.

Ordering flowers by wire is a simple and convenient way to sent a beautiful gift of fresh flowers to anybody, on any occasion. So next time you’re in a hurry to send roses for an anniversary, or daisies for a baby shower, consider saving yourself the time and the hassle by ordering your flowers by wire.