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How to Ship With Insulated Styrofoam Shipping Boxes

How to Ship With Insulated Styrofoam Shipping Boxes

Insulated Styrofoam shipping boxes can be used for a variety of needs, from shipping delicate medical goods to shipping perishable foods and other items. The simple boxes allow the contents to remain at a consistent temperature throughout shipping to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition.

Styrofoam shipping boxes come in a variety of sizes and are reusable for numerous trips as long as they are used properly. They are available from a number of manufacturers of shipping materials. The insulating properties of these Styrofoam boxes mean that cold and even frozen goods can be safely shipped across long distances. Insulated Styrofoam shipping boxes, when used properly, can be a safe and effective method of transporting perishables.

In addition to keeping things cold, insulated Styrofoam shipping boxes can also be used to keep things hot, and are perfect for the catering industry. Learning how to use these versatile boxes can make a big difference for anyone who needs to ship or transport goods at a particular temperature.

When shipping anything that needs to remain cold or frozen, cold gel packs or even in some cases dry ice can be used in order to maintain the temperature. The correct amount of gel packs or dry ice will depend on the temperature at which you wish to keep your goods. Dry ice is generally used for frozen goods, and requires some careful handling on both ends. If you choose to ship using dry ice, be certain the recipient knows what to expect and takes proper safety measures when unpacking the box.

When you pack your goods into insulated Styrofoam shipping boxes, be sure to leave room for the necessary temperature maintaining agents. Pack tightly to avoid much jostling, especially if there is any glass in the box. Use packing materials as needed to protect the contents, just as you would in any package. When you seal up insulated Styrofoam shipping boxes, make certain of a good seal to keep the cold or warm air inside the box during transport. Do not over fill the box as this will prevent the lid from fitting properly and creating a good seal.

Gel packs can also be used to keep goods warm in the box. Some gel packs are available that can work either way, warm or cold, making the versatile for a wide variety of shipping needs. Again, be certain to pack carefully and ensure a good seal on the top of the box.

Styrofoam shipping boxes are the simplest and most economical method of shipping perishable goods at the appropriate temperature, especially if you are sending smaller amounts. For larger shipments, refrigerated trucks are also a good option. The great thing about insulated Styrofoam shipping boxes, however is that you can pack them yourself and reuse them afterwards, which keeps shipping costs down. Be sure to check with any regulations your shipping company might have before you attempt to ship any packages in Styrofoam shipping boxes, especially is hazardous or medical supplies are included.

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