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How to Sleep With Your Eyes Open

How to Sleep With Your Eyes Open

While most of us do sleep with our eyes closed, there are some tricks you can use to learn how to sleep with your eyes open. Although this is not something most would find necessary for sleep at night, there are some times when learning how to sleep with your eyes open might be of use. Before you try to figure out how to sleep with your eyes open, there are some important things you should know.

Some people naturally sleep with one eye open or with the eyes partially open. This is usually due to a specific condition such as scarring on the eyelid or due to use of drugs or alcohol. Evidence exists that sleeping with eyes partially open may be a genetic condition. People who do this are often unaware of it and probably can’t offer you much advice on how to sleep with your eyes open since it is involuntary.

Although there are some instructions out there for how to sleep with your eyes open, it is important to understand that this not really true sleep, but more of a state of meditation or trance. It is accomplished by learning how to relax and settled into a state of semi-consciousness. People with experience in meditation will probably have a good understanding of how this is done. Learning how to sleep with your eyes open will not give you the true rest that sleep can, and is best only used for quick rests and relaxation during the day.

There are some dangers to leaving your eyes open when you sleep. The most obvious problem with learning how to sleep with your eyes open is that the eyes will dry out. There is a good reason why our eyes close in sleep and also why they aren’t truly open the whole time we are awake. We close our eyes and blink to keep them moist. Dry eyes are a very uncomfortable feeling, and in the long term this can even cause permanent damage to the corneas of the eyes resulting in vision problems.

For most people who attempt to learn how to sleep with their eyes open, the goal is to steal a few minutes of rest at times when it is not appropriate to close the eyes and get true rest. This includes during the work day and at school in classes. However, because of the problems associated with keeping your eyes open as well as the lack of true rest it imparts, it is better to seek an opportunity for a true power nap if you can. Take your coffee break and go sit in your car and close your eyes, or arrive early to your class and close your eyes for a few minutes. You will feel much better!

Although learning how to sleep with your eyes open in an interesting skill, remember that it is not true sleep. The body needs real sleep and rest to function properly, so get plenty of shut-eye too!

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