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Hyundai Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Hyundai Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

As one of the top insurers in Korea, Hyundai Insurance has become one of the best trusted names in the country for a wide variety of insurance needs.  Although in the US the name Hyundai is generally associated with a line of affordable, economical cars, Hyundai Insurance is actually available in certain markets in the United States as well as some other nations including Japan and China.  Hyundai Insurance, also known as Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance, provides coverage for a number of different purposes.

Hyundai Insurance is ranked as the second largest insurance company in South Korea.  They are the biggest writer of fire (otherwise known as home), marine, and drive (otherwise known as auto) insurance through independent agents in the nation.  With a network of over 5000 agents in Korea and beyond selling the policies written by Hyundai Insurance, they have become one of the best known insurance companies in the country.  The two best known brands of insurance in South Korea, Hi-Car and Hi-Life, are both written by the Hyundai Insurance Company.

Hyundai insurance is highly rated by several well-known reviewers of insurance companies, including A.M. Best, which has rated the company with an A- rating for six years running, meaning the company has an excellent rating.  They are trusted by Koreans for this and many other reasons, including their reputation for excellent claims service when an incident requires the insurance company to step in.

Some of the many insurance policies that are written by Hyundai Insurance include marine, mountain, motorcycle, car, ATV and home.  The company writes policies for just about every type of motorized vehicle, including the popular Segway.  They provide mobile claims service that use specially modified cars, generally the Korean manufacturers Kia and of course Hyundai models.  Claims service is available to customers 24 hours a day to take care of incidents immediately.

Hyundai Insurance policies can be purchased through one of the thousands of agents who are well-versed in the details and features of each policy.  The company offers a variety of choices for the consumer to obtain the coverage they need exactly and at the price they can afford.  Hyundai Insurance agents handle all of the process of selecting and writing the policy and are available to answer any questions that customers may have.  In the event of a claim, one of the over 100 claims offices will handle the processing of the claim itself.  Hyundai Insurance provides a comprehensive network of employees available to serve customers at all hours and with all needs.

Whether you live in South Korea or in one of the other nations served by Hyundai Insurance, the highly rated company can provide you a competitive quote to allow you to compare it to other insurers and make the right choice for your coverage, whether for your home or your car – or even your Segway.  With the wide variety of policy options, Hyundai Insurance is poised to become one of the largest insurers in the world should things continue along the same path.

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