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Ideas for a Homemade Graduation Centerpiece

Ideas for a Homemade Graduation Centerpiece

Graduation Day is a big celebration, whether it is high school or college. If you have a grad you plan to honor, a creative and easy to make graduation centerpiece is just a few simple steps away. Dress up your table for the perfect graduation party with one of these homemade graduation centerpiece ideas.

Picture Frames

If you have a high school graduation to celebrate, create a centerpiece that showcases how far your grad has come and how much he or she has grown since starting their educational journey. Purchase 11 small picture frames and put a photo of the grad from each year of school, starting with Kindergarten and ending with their 11th grade photo. Make a circle out of the photo frames on the table. Then, place a larger frame with the honored grad’s official cap and gown graduation photo in the center of the ring of smaller photos. Fill the remaining space in the centerpiece with flower petals for a girl or pine cones, branches or another decorative device for a boy.

Mortarboard Flower Vase

Another quick and easy graduation centerpiece idea is to create a mortarboard flower vase. Use black construction paper to surround a tubular glass vase. The cut a square of heavier black stock, and glue a tassel hanging from one side. Cut a hole in the center of the square and fit it carefully over the top of the vase so that it sits around the top. You may need to bolster it from beneath with a few piece of tape. Then fill the vase with your grad’s favorite flowers!

Diploma Bouquet

Make a diploma bouquet by setting rolled up pieces of paper tied with multi colored ribbons together in a vase. You can add flowers extending beyond the diplomas, or simply leave them as is for a simpler look. For a different twist, chose colored paper instead of white diplomas, perhaps in the grad’s school colors or simply a rainbow of shades.

Major Specific

If you are honoring a college grad, consider making a centerpiece that reflects their area of study. If you have someone graduating from medical school, loop a stethoscope around a flower vase. If your grad is finishing law school, create a centerpiece surrounding the scales of justice, filling the scales with candy, colorful marbles, coins, or potpourri. For a science degree, use a beaker as a flower vase. There are countless graduation centerpiece ideas you can come up with if you take a few moments to think about what subject matter your grad has been focusing on!

Balloon Bouquet

Another simple graduation centerpiece is a balloon bouquet in the grad’s school colors, with a graduation photo at the base. For another fun balloon centerpiece, choose clear balloons and place a photo of the graduation person inside each one before they are blown up. Guests will have fun getting a look at the guest of honor’s face peeking out from the balloons in the centerpiece!

Career Options

If you are good with photo editing software, take a picture of your grad’s face and place it into pictures showing various different career possibilities. This is perfect for the high school grad who isn’t quite sure what their direction in life will be. Place your grad’s face onto a lawyer’s body, a doctor’s body, over an astronauts helmet – then print your creations and turn them into a collage. You can frame it to place on the table as a centerpiece in and of itself, or add the photos to a bouquet of flowers. Create a “career possibilities” bouquet by printing each photo individually and placing them on stems, then set them in a vase.

Graduation centerpiece ideas can draw inspiration from all kinds of areas, whether it is your grad’s career choice, or their lack thereof. Making your own graduation centerpiece is fun, affordable, and meaningful for the graduation person you are celebrating. As they start the next stage of their education, or move on into the working world, send them off with a great party and the perfect centerpiece that will be the star of the show. You don’t have to be a professional artist or crafter to create a beautiful centerpiece for your graduation party – just have fun and be creative!

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