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Ideas for Great Graduation Cakes

Ideas for Great Graduation Cakes

Graduation is a major event, whether from high school or with your doctorate and graduation cakes are a way to make the celebration even more special. You local bakery may have a number of designs for graduation cakes available but if you want something really special you might need a custom order. Graduation cakes generally reflect the theme of graduation but can be personalized to suit the particular type of graduation.

When it comes to custom graduation cakes, the sky is really the limit. Whatever you can imagine, you can order in cake form if you are willing to pay the high prices charged by the best cake bakers and decorators. You have probably seen some impressive cakes on the many television shows recently that focus on the art of cake decorating; you can get graduation cakes that are just as impressive.

Before you decide on ordering a custom cake, take a moment to think about your particular needs. Are you having a big party with the graduating class all invited? Is it a small family gathering? Graduation cakes are available to suit every type of party, and you should give some serious thought to what type of cake you really need before you order. A small gathering might not warrant a huge cake, while a large gathering is often just the time for wheeling out impressive custom made graduation cakes that will have everyone in awe.

Gradation cakes usually reflect the themes of graduation; they are decorated with the classic mortarboard hat, or even fashioned to look like a hat. It is common to see graduation cakes featuring the school colors of the institution from which the graduate is matriculating. If your graduate is completing college, consider looking for a cake design that incorporates their area of study. A person graduating from medical school for example might enjoy a cake that has a medical theme to it.

Graduation cakes come in all sizes and you should pick a cake that is a little larger than you need to accommodate anyone who wants a second piece or unexpected guests. Most bakeries will provide an estimate of how many people a cake can feed, but they don’t specify how big the pieces of that cake should be cut to get that many pieces! Thus it is better to err on the side of a larger cake.

For any celebration of graduation, you can use graduation cakes as a central part of the party and a focal point for your decorations and your celebration. Graduation cakes with bright colors, interesting designs and a theme that fits the party will always be popular and if you do something a little different, you are sure to be remembered for it.

When ordering graduation cakes, remember that many people graduate around the same time of year! Order as early as possible to ensure you can get your request in and have your cake ready right when you need it , as well as being able to order it from the bakery of your choice.

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