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Is a Chicco High Chair Right for Your Baby?

Is a Chicco High Chair Right for Your Baby?

Chicco is one of the biggest names in baby gear, and the Chicco high chair is one of the company’s best sellers. They also sell a lot of other gear including car seats, diaper bags, and make toys as well. The Chicco high chair is available in two models. These are the full sized high chair and the hook-on style which is great for small spaces or for travelling.

The full size Chicco high chair is the Polly model, which is an excellent space-saving design for those who want all of the features of a standard high chair without taking up all the space in the kitchen or dining room. The Polly Chicco high chair can be adjusted into seven different height positions as well as reclines to three different levels to provide comfort and security for babies of all ages. The easy to clean tray can be removed with one hand and folds in to give this Chicco high chair the slimmest folded size in its class.

There are a wide variety of fabric color and pattern options to suit any décor, and the seat is cushioned as well as being easy to clean vinyl for both comfort and sanitary purposes. The tray is dishwasher safe as well. The Chicco high chair includes a five point harness that keeps baby secure and brakes on the wheels to make sure it stays in place even if baby wiggles around a lot.

For those who really need to save space or who want a high chair for on the go the hook on version of the Chicco high chair is a great way to give older babies a secure place to sit that can be taken anywhere. This type of Chicco high chair is designed to hook onto the side of a table, which means it doesn’t take up any floor space and is also great for taking over to Grandma’s house or to a restaurant as well.

The travel version of this Chicco high chair does not have a tray, which means that there is less to clean. It removes and attaches easily allowing you to store it out of sight in a closet or cupboard when not in use. The newest addition to the Chicco high chair lineup is the 360 which swivels to allow you to get baby in and out of the high chair easily. It also includes an easy to clean tray that means baby’s mess stays off the surface of your table.

The Chicco high chair product line has only a few models but covers a lot of ground. No matter what type of high chair you want, you will find a Chicco high chair to fit. At home or on the go, Chicco combines helpful and easy to use features with compact designs to make sure that the high chair is both convenient to use and conveniently stays out of the way when you aren’t using it. These high chairs are perfect for any home.

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