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Is the Tax Relief Network Right for You?

Is the Tax Relief Network Right for You?

Tax Relief Network is one of the many companies out there that advertises their ability to assist individuals with tax problems.  Their advertised services include assitance with back taxes owed to the IRS, getting rid of levies and wage garnishments, and stopping the phone calls from the IRS that can make life miserable when you owe more than you can afford to pay.  Tax Relief Network has promised to provide a solution to even the worst tax problems; unfortunately their reputation in the online community does not support their claims.

A look at various review sites where Tax Relief Network is listed shows that they have left many customers not only unsatisfied but in some cases worse off than they were prior to hiring the company to represent them.  The reviews state that the company ripped customers off of the fees that they paid for the services and did little to nothing to help with the tax problems or get things cleared up.  Most of the reviews are from people who had serious tax problems and were promised a great deal of help from Tax Relief Network.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that the company was able to provide any of the services it advertises to the people who hired them.

Tax Relief Network went out of business without informing any of their customers, nor were any refunds issued to the people who paid out large sums of money for tax assitance.  The company simply disappeared, and customers were left wondering what had occured.  Most customers had their money taken and the company did absolutely nothing but walk away with it.  The internet shows a great deal of anger and many reports of being ripped off by Tax Relief Network.

The industry of tax assistance and relief is filled with shysters and rip off artists who prey on the people in a very difficult situation and badly in need of an answer.  These people handed over a great deal of money to companies like Tax Relief Network believing their tax problems would be solved.  Sadly, being ripped off in this industry is not unusual.  The good news is however that there are plenty of companies who really can provide assitance with amjor tax problems.  Consumers simply need to be more careful and more aware of who they are hiring to help them with their problems.

In order to avoid being ripped off by a company like Tax Relief Network, you should be certain to do a great deal of research on any company you consider providing with money in order to take care of your tax problem.  Use resources like the internet and the Better Business Bureau to find reputable companies that will really do everything they have promised.  Protect yourself and your money from rip offs by learning everything you can about a company before you hire them to handle a delicate situation like a tax problem.  Tax Relief Network is sadly not alone in the poor practices they espoused, but there are safe and reliable sources for tax relief.

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