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Kingsway Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need to Know

Kingsway Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need to Know

Once a popular choice for motorcycle insurance in Canada, Kingsway Motorcycle Insurance became a part of sister company Jevco Insurance in 2009, a move that affected many insurance customers. Prior to the change, members of the Kingsway Motorcycle Club were eligible for a discount on Kingsway motorcycle insurance, which save many riders a good deal of money. This is only one of the changes that the merger caused for policyholders .

Riders in Canada turned to Kingsway motorcycle insurance for great rates from a company with a good understanding of what motorcycled enthusiasts need from a policy and from their service. When Kingsway General Insurance made the motorcycle line of policies a part of Jevco Insurance, they changed rates and reduced the type of discounts available to riders. This resulted in some frustration on the part of policyholders, but was a necessary financial move for the company.

Due to high financial losses the company was struggling under, it became necessary for Kingsway motorcycle insurance to see some changes. The move to combine it under the Jevco name helped to keep the company afloat. Although rates and discounts did change, the company remains dedicated to serving customers and providing the best in coverage for all riders.

Although some riders did see an increase in rates under the Jevco name as opposed to the old Kingsway motorcycle insurance rates, others reported a decrease that they are actually pleased with. The rate change depends on a number of factors, and Jevco is still aiming to provide Kingsway motorcycle insurance customers with competitive rates.

As of December of 2009, all Kingsway motorcycle insurance policies were renewed under the Jevco name, confusing some policyholders, but generally making a smooth transition. For those who enjoy riding their motorcycle, finding good, affordable insurance coverage can be a challenge. Motorcycles can be viewed as a high risk, but most companies offer safety and other discounts and Jevco is no different. Riders can still find the good service and fair rating system they expect from Kingsway motorcycle insurance.

While some parts of Canada provide public insurance programs that are run by the province, some allow riders to choose their own coverage. In the case of Kingsway motorcycle insurance, the rate reductions that can be allowed with competition between companies remains a good choice for riders seeking a better deal.

The Kingsway motorcycle insurance change over to Jevco did mean some differences in policies, but they coverage remains under the same company and ownership, and riders can continue to count on good service and coverage. Contrary to some of the confusion out there regarding the change, Jevco is not a separate company that bought out Kingsway, but in fact a part of the same company. Things were simply rearranged to increase the company’s profitability and ability to remain in business and provide great motorcycle insurance coverage to those in need. The change was completed by the end of 2009 and the company continues to provide motorcycle insurance as before, albeit with a few changes.

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