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Laser Wrinkle Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Laser Wrinkle Removal: Everything You Need to Know

For anyone fighting the battle against aging skin, laser wrinkle removal is an option that is bound to be considered at some point.  If you have tried all of the wrinkle creams and over the counter products and are not happy with the results, then laser wrinkle removal might just be the right option for you.  The newest lasers can do amazing things to improve the appearance of skin, and laser wrinkle removal is one of the most popular new laser treatments available today.  To decide if laser wrinkle removal is the right choice for you, you will need to take the time to get to know all about it.

Laser wrinkle removal is a relatively new procedure, and it is often compared with Botox as far as the results go.  In some ways it is superior to Botox, while in other ways it may fall short.  The two options for wrinkle treatment are both good possibilities and comparing them in a discussion with your cosmetic surgeon should be a part of the process of choosing the right option for you.

Laser wrinkle removal works by reaching into the skin to smooth out the fine lines around the mouth and other wrinkles around the face.  It can successfully remove wrinkles caused both by age and facial expressions, and by years of sun damage.  The laser is non-invasive and in many ways safer than a traditional face lift which carries all of the risks of surgery.  For those who don’t want to go under the knife in the truest sense of the word, using a laser surgery treatment instead is a good option.

The results from laser wrinkle removal can be nothing short of astonishing.  These results will also last for a relatively long time, longer than Botox and certainly longer than any wrinkle cream on the market today.  The only thing that can achieve better results for a longer time period is an actual face lift.  The cost of the laser wrinkle removal is generally less than a face lift, which makes it a popular choice for people who want great results without the higher cost.

Laser wrinkle removal is not a good option for everyone, and it does come with some risks.  Although the lasers being used today are safer than they have ever been, there are still some risks of burns, scarring and even infection from the procedure.  Your cosmetic surgeon should discuss all of these risks with you and make sure that you understand what all of the possible outcomes of your laser wrinkle removal treatment might be.

When you compare all of your options for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, you may find that the choice to have laser wrinkle removal comes to the top of your list.  It is highly likely that you will be completely satisfied with the results, especially if you have been less than impressed with some lesser treatments in the past.  With the newest technology available to keep us looking our best, getting rid of wrinkles is easier than ever before.

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