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Latex vs Memory Foam Mattresses: Which Do You Choose?

Latex vs Memory Foam Mattresses: Which Do You Choose?

If you are comparing latex vs memory foam as part of your decision process in choosing a new mattress, you are probably wondering what the differences are and which one will make the most sense for you.  Both of these types of mattress are very different from the traditional mattress, which uses springs inside to provide support.  These mattresses tend to transfer a great deal of motion because the springs move each other inside the mattress when someone on the mattress moves.  Both latex and memory foam offer much less transference of motion, and there are other advantages as well.  While they have many things in commen, you can also compare the differences between latex vs memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam is touted as the newest and best technology in comfort. You will see memory foam products ranging from mattress to slippers.  The main selling point of memory foam is that it conforms to your body and then returns to is original shape when you get up. This means it supports the body very well and prevents pressure points.  Latex can do something similar, but it does it in a different way.  The difference between how latex vs memory foam mattresses do this lies in how they respond to the body.

Memory foam responds not just to the pressure of your body but also to the warmth.  As it warms under your skin, it seems to melt away and form the perfect cushion around all of your curves and bones.  Latex on the other hand is responding to the weight of your body, so that heavier parts of your body will sink into the mattress more and lighter areas less.  The result is much the same – a comfortable cushioning that is free of pressure points.

While memory foam is a synthetic material, latex is a natural one.  This is one of the biggest points that divide proponents of latex vs memory foam mattresses.  Latex is a natural rubber that comesfrom trees. This does not mean that every latex mattress is completely natural.  Some are processed using chemicals that render the latex less natural,  If a natural product is a concern for you, you should be certain to choose only a natural latex mattress and avoid a process one.

If you purchase a high quality memory foam or latex mattress, you will find that they are both very durable and will last for a long time. Some argue that latex will last longer, but this really depends on how the mattress is used and the initial quality of the mattress.

One of the things many people notice when comparing latex vs memory foam mattresses is that latex does transfermore motion than memory foam.  Both are better than a traditional mattress, but memory foam has the least transference.  If this is a concern for you then you should probably consider memory foam over latex.

When comparing latex vs memory foam mattresses, the most important thing is personal comfort.  Choose the mattress that feels best to you.

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