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Locating Polaris 280 Parts and Supplies

Locating Polaris 280 Parts and Supplies

Having a pool in your backyard certainly has its advantages—especially when summer arrives and the weather turns hot—but maintaining your pool, including sweeping it and keeping it free of debris, can be a tremendous challenge. Fortunately, though, there are inventions like the Polaris 280—an automatic pool sweep and cleaner that does most of the work for you.

The Polaris 280 is a great addition to any pool, but like any automatic tool or time-saving device, the Polaris 280 requires occasional maintenance to keep it in good working order. In this article we will discuss this state-of the-art pool cleaner in some more detail, including how you can find Polaris 280 parts and supplies when the eventual time arrives.

The Polaris 280

The Polaris 280 is a top of the line automatic pool cleaner that connects directly to any dedicated pressure line. With its powerful double jets and separate cleaning pump, the Polaris 280 sweeps, scrubs and vacuums in-ground pools, including the floor, sides and steps, and even sucks up large floating debris such as trash and leaves.

The Polaris 280 comes with its own filtering system and can be set to a timer for automatic operation, even when you’re not home. If you’re sick and tired of the back-breaking work of scrubbing and skimming your pool, the Polaris 280 can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Finding Polaris 280 Parts

When your Polaris 280 fails to operate correctly (which isn’t very often according to consumer reports) it may be time to replace a part or two. This can usually be accomplished by visiting your local pool supply store, placing an online order directly through the Polaris website or a similar order from one of several dealers that specialize in Polaris parts and supplies. In most cases, installation is easy, requiring just a few tools and a do-it-yourself attitude.

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