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Married And Flirting: What You Should Know

Married And Flirting: What You Should Know

Many people believe that once you are married your days of being able to flirt took their leave of absence the moment the “I Do’s” were exchanged. However, the reality is that flirting is not only a healthy part of being a happy and well-adjusted adult but it can also prove to be very beneficial for a marriage.

Why We Flirt

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of us don’t flirt in an effort to attract a new mate – we flirt because it makes us feel good about ourselves and it also has the added bonus of making the flirting recipient feel good to receive the attention.

The fact of the matter is that flirting can still prove to be hurtful if you are married and flirting with someone you are not married to. The key is the intent behind the flirting – remember that flirting is not simply about words, it can often be about simple actions and gestures.

Flirting With Your Partner

Just because you have scored the best catch there is in your partner doesn’t mean that you can stop flirting with the person that you are married to. Flirting within your marriage can help to make your partner feel loved, feel special, and feel that you are still interested in them in every way possible.

Being married and flirting with one another can help you and your partner to keep the sparks alive!

Flirting With Others

Flirting with people other than the person that you are married to can prove to be a slippery slope unless handled correctly. Remember that we are not simply talking about flirty talking – we are talking about eye movement, gestures, and body language.

When you talk to the friendly good looking bank teller at your local bank do you find yourself raising a quick eyebrow at them or smiling widely? Do you hold their gaze for longer than a few seconds? Do you catch yourself self-consciously tucking a piece of hair behind your ear while you are engaged in conversation with someone that you find attractive? All of these subtle gestures are signs of flirting and they are generally harmless gestures that simply make us feel good.

Setting Boundaries

The key to success with being married and flirting with someone else other than your partner is to ensure that there are strict boundaries in place. Friendly words and compliments are generally accepted as being fine while hugging and other displays of emotion or affection are definitely not acceptable.

If your harmless flirting scores you a great table at a trendy restaurant or helps you feel better about yourself then your partner is not likely to find it objectionable. The key to successfully being married and flirting is to keep the lines of communication open at all times; if your partner feels completely secure with the state of your relationship then your being a flirt will not be much cause for concern.

Remember, also, that flirting with strangers on the internet can rapidly turn into a situation where flirting turns into infidelity so keep those set boundaries in place at all times. If you find yourself flirting online or on the phone and feel that you are taking it too far, you should immediately back out from the situation in order to preserve the stability of your marriage.

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