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Mercedes CD Changer Types & Installation

Mercedes CD Changer Types & Installation

The great thing about Mercedes CD changers is that they are installed by plugging directly into the factory cable in the Mercedes vehicle, so there is no complicated installation process that might damage the Mercedes CD changer or the car itself. If you take long drives in your Mercedes or just want to be able to keep up to six CDs in your car at once and choose between them, consider installing a Mercedes CD changer.

Types of Mercedes CD Changers

All Mercedes CD changers work through a fiber optic cable that is already in most models of Mercedes vehicles. Certain models in the S and E classes, however, may not work with the MC line of Mercedes CD changers, so different types of Mercedes CD changer are required to account for the different types and locations of the fiber optic cables. Other models require the purchase of the fiber optic cable in order to install the Mercedes CD changer.

Though there are different types of Mercedes CD changers, all of them come with a fiber optic CD changing system that works specifically with Mercedes vehicles. You can purchase a Mercedes CD changer through your Mercedes Benz dealer or get one specifically made to work with the Mercedes Benz system from an outside manufacturer, which will be much less expensive.

Some Mercedes CD changers are installed in the glove compartment, and others are installed in the trunk. A Mercedes CD changer will usually include a playback feature for CD-roms, rewritable CDs and even audio DVDs. Typically, the cartridge in a Mercedes CD changer will hold six CDs, letting you listen to almost endless music hands-free while driving.

Installing Your Mercedes CD Changer

Thanks to the fiber optic cable that most models of Mercedes vehicles come with, installing your Mercedes CD changer is very easy. You may be able to install it yourself if you feel comfortable with this, thanks to the simple installation process. There are many websites, forums and online tutorials to help walk you through installing your Mercedes CD changer. Remember that some Mercedes CD changers require an extra cable or are installed in the glove box or even the trunk.

If you do not want to install your Mercedes CD changer on your own, your Mercedes Benz dealer or the place where you bought your Mercedes CD changer will most likely do it for you. One benefit of this option is that if you have purchased the wrong Mercedes CD changer, the installation expert will know and can tell you how and where to purchase the correct one.

If you are positive that you have the correct model of Mercedes CD changer to work in your vehicle, this should not be a concern, but since some models must be installed through the glove compartment or trunk or require an additional fiber optic cable, you may still want to have your Mercedes CD changer installed by an expert.