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Mohair Sweaters – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Mohair Sweaters – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Mohair sweaters are made out of yarn that has been made from the hair of an Angora goat. What makes mohair sweaters fantastic is their durability – unlike other luxury fabrics, mohair sweaters are resistant to creasing, wrinkling, and tearing. Mohair and mohair sweaters are also much less likely to wick up moisture than wool or other fabrics. In terms of safety, mohair sweaters are desirable because they are flame-resistant and do not burn unless they come into direct contact with flame. Mohair is softer than wool and one of the warmest existing natural fabrics. This combination of warmth, durability and flame-resistance makes mohair sweaters a great choice for any outdoor winter activities, such as camping, hiking and mountain biking.

Despite the fact that mohair sweaters are known for being very warm during cool weather, mohair is also perfect for summer clothing, as it can be woven into a fabric that is lightweight and very cool. Mohair sweaters aren’t just for utilitarian purposes in outdoor sports – mohair sweaters are fashionable choices for all occasions. The yarn takes dye very well and will maintain beautiful and bright colors for years, and the soft shine of mohair is easy to keep gorgeous through years of wear. Mohair sweaters come in all weights, so you can be stylish in mohair in cool fall temperatures, freezing winter weather, chilly indoors air conditioning, and warm spring days. The variety of colors and styles that mohair sweaters come in means they can be formal, casual, or in a crossover style that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Mohair Sweaters – The Bad

Perhaps the biggest downside to mohair sweaters is their price. Mohair is considered a luxury fiber, as it is more expensive than fabric woven from sheep’s wool. Though a mohair sweater will last for years, you may not have the money to invest in mohair sweaters right now. Fortunately, the internet offers an easy way to circumvent this problem. Dozens of websites can help you find a discount on mohair sweaters. A Google search for “mohair sweaters on sale,” “affordable mohair sweaters” or “discount mohair sweaters” can help. As with all winter wear, you’ll probably find better prices on mohair sweaters during spring and summer months.

If your budget isn’t such a huge concern, you have even more options for finding mohair sweaters online at all prices. Large clothing retailers like Target carry mohair sweaters, and online retail conglomerate sites like Amazon and TheFind carry mohair sweaters from a variety of brands and sellers. However, the market for mohair sweaters online seems to be dominated by individuals and small companies selling high quality and handmade mohair sweaters. If you’re looking for custom-made or one-of-a-kind mohair sweaters, those are great places to look. Etsy.com is also a great place to look for mohair sweaters – dozens of independent crafters sell their knitted items there, and you can even request your dream mohair sweater using their “alchemy request” feature!

Another downside to mohair sweaters is their care needs. Although mohair is known for being wrinkle-resistant, difficult to tear and stretchy, mohair sweaters can still be damaged or stretched out due to improper care. Mohair sweaters should be hung on padded hangers to preserve their shape, and caution should be taken to prevent moths from getting to them. Mohair sweaters should be dry cleaned, and if you get them damp or slightly soiled, wipe them with a damp cloth and let them air dry at room temperature.

Mohair Sweaters – The Ugly!

Mohair sweaters are known for being beautiful, fashionable and versatile, but, as everyone knows, styles change! The versatility of mohair yarn means that mohair sweaters come in all styles – from understated turtlenecks in neutral colors to neon-colored sweaters with a furry or shaggy look! Mohair sweaters were all the rage in the eighties, and came in chunky or thick knits and bright patterns or colors. Today, mohair sweaters in softer colors and smaller knits are more popular, but if you’re looking to make a bold statement, a vintage mohair sweater is definitely a good choice. You can find vintage mohair sweaters online or at vintage clothing stores, thrift stores, pawn shops and consignment stores.

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