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Mother India Calling Card: A Good Deal?

Mother India Calling Card:  A Good Deal?

Have you recently left your home in India to pursue educational or business opportunities in the United States, Europe or other part of the world? Are you looking for an affordable, yet reliable way to stay in touch with family and friends in your mother country? If so, the following information about the Mother India Calling Card may prove particularly useful to you.

In recent years the advances in telephone technology has made it easier than ever for people to stay in touch with family and friends around the world? Just look around. Cell phones are everywhere and have become a must for adults and teens alike, and with the advent of VOIP the internet has brought people together throughout the world. However, if you plan to call home to India regularly, neither of these two advanced mediums is particularly cheap, and each can end up costing you a fortune in telephone and roaming charges if you’re not careful. Oddly, the solution to this price dilemma is an option which has been around for many years. Calling cards, and more specifically the Mother India Calling Card, offers you the most affordable option for calling home to India, whether you use a standard land line or cell phone.

What Is the Mother India Calling Card?

If you’ve ever used any type of national or international calling card, the Mother India Calling Card works very similar to those, and may in fact be easier to use because this card is designed to work for calls to India exclusively. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the Mother India calling card website (or other authorized dealer) and purchase your calling card. The fee for the card is a mere $10 and provides you with 500 minutes of continuous call time to anywhere in India. Broken down, that’s only 2 cents a minute any time of the day or night.
  • Dial the number on the back of your calling card; followed by the number you are trying to reach in India.
  • Enter the personal identification number (PIN) located on the reverse of the card.
  • Once your PIN number has been authenticated and authorized, you will instantly be connected to your party. Also, this PIN number will only have to be entered when placing the initial call. After that, the system stores this information remotely and allows you to make subsequent calls without entering your PIN number.

It really is that simple. And perhaps the best part is that you can refill your account once your minutes expire. Just visit the website or call the 1-800 number located on the back of the card and continue to recharge your account indefinitely as your minutes expire.

The Mother India calling card is straightforward and easy to set up and there are never any hidden charges or fees. Ten dollars will get you 500 minutes to India—anytime and every time you want—without forcing you to worry about connection charges or administrative fees which can limit your talk time.

If you regularly place calls to India, and you want to get the most for your money using a system which is both reliable and hassle-free, the Mother India calling card may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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