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Motorcycle Courier Insurance Explained

Motorcycle Courier Insurance Explained

If you are a motorcycle courier, then you should not be heading out on the road without the right coverage.  Motorcycle courier insurance will make sure that you are protected from any eventuality and ensure that you can go about your business without worrying about things like liability.  Motorcycle courier insurance is a specialized policy that is designed for people who deliver important letters and small parcels by motorcycles, but it shares much in common with any type of courier insurance policy.

Not every insurance company will offer motorcycle courier insurance, but your current insurance company is a great place to start.  Ask if they offer that type of coverage, and if not, find out if they can tell you where you can get motorcycle courier insurance.  Most insurance agents should be able to point you in the right direction.

Bear in mind that when you seek out motorcycle courier insurance, the company currently carrying the insurance policy on your motorcycle might have some concerns.  That is because they insure your motorcycle for use in a certain way – as a commuter bike, or as a pleasure bike.  In most cases the standard motorcycle insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for working as courier, and often you will find that the fact that you are using your bike this way will be a problem for your current carrier.  This is why you need to seek out proper motorcycle courier insurance immediately to avoid being cancelled by your current carrier if they should find out how you are using the bike.

Don’t take this as a reason not to talk to your insurance agent or company about motorcycle courier insurance; it’s important that they know and also important that you have the right coverage.  Being covered improperly for providing courier services on your motorcycle can cause you much more grief than it will the insurance company; they could actually refuse to cover you for an incident occurring while you were using the bike to make a delivery, and be well within their rights.  You would be the one who wound up in court over any damages or injuries.

Motorcycle courier insurance will also protect you from liability suits involving loss or damage of items entrusted to your care as courier.  This is something a standard motorcycle insurance policy will not cover.  It is vital that anyone who is working as a motorcycle courier have the right coverage to avoid potentially serious financial repercussions. 

Motorcycle courier insurance may be available through the courier company you are working for; ask before you try to find a policy on your own.  Odds are good they can help you out by at least pointing you in the right direction if not offering a group policy covering all their couriers. 

Get your motorcycle courier insurance policy in place before you head out to deliver anything.  It is not worth the risk of something going wrong and finding out that you don’t have the coverage you need.  Protect yourself and your livelihood with motorcycle courier insurance.

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