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MOV Editor Guide for PC and Mac

MOV Editor Guide for PC and Mac

Are you a videographer or video editor looking for the very best in video editing software? If so, regardless of the type of system you’re using—PC or Mac—you simply must give the MOV editor a try. To help you become a little more familiar with this easy to use software we have provided you with this short review and a brief how-to guide.

What is MOV Editor?

MOV Editor is a cutting-edge video editing program which allows you to quickly and easily edit your video footage. This software is extremely versatile too. You can use MOV editor to transform and edit MOV videos, QuickTime videos and even HD video in a snap.

What Can You Do with MOV Editor?

With MOV Editor it’s never been easier to trim and modify your video footage. You’ll also be able to:

  • Join video clips together effortlessly
  • Add audio effects
  • Append and change video effects and transitions
  • Add text to your video pieces
  • Add video credits
  • And More…

MOV Editor truly is an amazing piece of software for beginners and experts alike. MOV Editor supports a number of output formats to make transferring and saving your video a piece of cake. Supported formats include:

  • AVI
  • MP4—which includes PSP and Apple’s iPod)
  • WMV
  • 3G2
  • 3GP
  • QuickTime
  • VRO
  • DVD

Whatever it is you want to do with MOV Editor you can bet it will be supported by this hassle-free and easy-to-learn software.

Getting Started with MOV Editor

Getting started with MOV Editor is easy. Once you’ve downloaded MOV Editor to your Mac or PC, you can follow the steps below or refer to the User’s Guide:

  • Import MOV videos. Open up MOV Editor and locate the import button in the top-left portion of the screen. Use the browse feature to scan your system for the MOV video or videos you want to import and click OK. Once your videos appear in the main window, drag them down to the “timeline” area.

  • Trim. To trim your video pieces click on the TRIM or MULTI-TRIM button to clip segments from the source video you are working with.

  • Add Visual Effects. To add visual effects, click on the VISUAL EFFECTS icon and search through the different types of effects available. Once you decide on an effect, you can adjust the parameters by clicking on the main interface.

  • Add Transitions. This is done in roughly the same way as adding visual effects. Here you will click on the TRANSITIONS button and search for the type of transition you prefer. Once you choose the transition you want, drag it to the video timeline.

  • Add Text. Click on the TEXT button and decide on a font, size and positioning. Click again and you’re ready to write.

  • Save Video. To save your video, click on the SAVE Movies button and then follow the wizard to decide upon an output format.

With MOV Editor, the power to create stunning movies and eye-popping effects from your video snippets has never been easier.

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