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Negril Car Rental Guide

Negril Car Rental Guide

How much do you know about car rental agencies in Negril, Jamaica? Not much, I’m guessing, but consider this: If you’re planning on visiting Jamaica this year, specifically Negril, Jamaica, you’ll probably need to find a way to get around the island once your plane lands. There are thousands of sights to see on Jamaica, and although there are tours available which take you to some of the more popular spots, the only way to see what you want at your leisure—to stay as long as you want at a particular destination—is to hire out a car of your own. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, be sure to clip this article out. Here we have compiled a short list of Negril car rental agencies, along with some contact information, to help you plan your upcoming Jamaican vacation.

Negril Car Rental Agencies

While Negril, Jamaica may not have as many car rental options as other popular vacation destinations, you can still find and reserve a reliable car if you plan ahead. Below are just a few companies you may want to contact:

  • Dollar Rent-A-Car, Negril (www.dollar.com). Dollar Rent-A-Car is a respected car rental agency with locations all around the world. They are located on Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril, Jamaica. The phone number is (809) 957-4110.

  • Island Cruiser Car Rentals (www.islandcruiserjamaica.com). Island Cruiser car rentals is a local company which offers a wide variety of automobiles and trucks at very affordable rates. They are located at 19 Negril in Jamaica. The phone number for Island Cruiser car rental is (876) 957-9187.

  • Onsite Jamaica (www.onsitejamaica.com). Onsite Jamaica is another local favorite, conveniently located next to the airport. Here you can find a car for any purpose without having to spend an arm and a leg. They are located on West End Road in Negril, Jamaica. To contact Onsite Jamaica and reserve a car for your trip call (876) 433-7285 or go online to see the vast selection of cars to choose from.

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