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Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Explained

Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Explained

Breast augmentation is big business, but surgical treatments to shape, lift and enlarge breasts can be very expensive and quite dangerous. Fortunately, there are other options. Non-surgical breast augmentation is rapidly becoming the most popular form of breast enhancement and shaping. Not only are these treatments safe, they are much less expensive than most surgical methods, with few or no side effects whatsoever. Here we will explain the various methods of non surgical breast augmentation and the procedures involved.

The Truth about Surgery

Many women express the desire to enlarge and shape their breasts, but very few will opt for surgery to attain this goal. Why? There are several reasons actually, but the first and most often reported problem is that surgical breast augmentation tends to be very expensive. According to reports, a typical surgery, in which implants are inserted in the breast tissue to enlarge and augment the breasts, can cost upwards of $10,000—costs which are not covered by the typical insurance plan.

Surgical breast augmentation can also be very dangerous—much like any surgery—and usually requires several days to even weeks of recovery time after the surgery is completed. Who wants to go through all of that, especially when there are other, less invasive procedures available?

Non Surgical Breast Augmentation Options

Of the many natural and non-surgical treatments used for breast augmentation, the most popular is herbal supplements. This type of treatment involves a daily regimen of herbal pills, most of which contain phytoestrogen, a substance that, when taken regularly over time, can naturally enlarge the breasts, making them fuller and more shapely.

Breast shaping is another very popular, non surgical breast augmentation method. In breast shaping, women exercise with specialized equipment designed to help lift and shape the breasts. When performed consistently, these workouts, which typically take only a few minutes each day, will show measurable results in as little as a few weeks.

Breast creams and ointments are also available for breast augmentation. These creams are also herbal in makeup and work much the same as the herbal supplements. The only difference is, instead of regularly ingesting the herbs you apply them in cream form directly on the outer portions of the breasts. Thousands of women have noticed a significant difference in the size and shape of their breasts after using these creams.

Women that opt for a surgical method to augment their breasts are “stuck” with the results once the surgery is completed. To make changes, another surgical procedure would be necessary. With the non-surgical methods, however, you can measure the progress gradually and interrupt treatment whenever you feel your goal has been reached. This allows you greater flexibility and control over your augmentation.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, but the thought of going under a scalpel or paying thousands of dollars doesn’t appeal to you, keep in mind that you have other options. Non-surgical breast augmentation is a safe and inexpensive way to get the results you want without putting yourself at risk.

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