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Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Options Explained

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Options Explained

Are you considering having weight loss surgery to get rid of stubborn, unwanted belly fat?  Did you know that there are a number of non surgical options which can help you avoid the pain and the cost of liposuction surgery?  Non surgical tummy tucks have become a very popular cosmetic option to expensive weight loss surgery, saving patients from the pain and the often outlandish price tag of grueling weight loss surgery, but sadly, most people are unaware that these procedures even exist.  In this article we will cover three non surgical tummy tuck options, including the process involved with each.

Non surgical tummy tucks are the perfect weight loss solution, both for people who want to avoid liposuction surgery and for those who have already undergone liposuction surgery and have stubborn fat left behind.  Below is a brief explanation of each of the three non surgical tummy tuck options.

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Options:  Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis, although not yet approved by the FDA, is one of the non surgical tummy tuck procedures that look very promising in terms of results.  In injection lipolysis, lecithin, a chemical solution, is actually injected into the body’s fatty deposits.  This produces a chemical reaction, which tests have proven is very effective for melting fat away.  People undergoing injection lipolysis would need at least 2-4 treatments on each area of the body they want to treat.  Injection lipolysis can be performed not only on the abdomen, but on other areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate such as the thighs, legs buttocks and arms.  Based on preliminary tests, injection lipolysis is a very promising non surgical tummy tuck procedure.

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Options:  Ultrasonic Lipolysis

The non surgical tummy tuck referred to as ultrasonic lipolysis combines injection with ultrasonic massage to help dissolve fat away.  In ultrasonic lipolysis, the patient is injected with a mixture of sterile water and a numbing anesthetic.  The injection goes directly into the area containing stubborn belly fat, and is followed immediately by ultrasonic massage.  This process must then be repeated up to 4 times in a week for best results.  Ultrasonic lipolysis can be time consuming, but is much more non-invasive than weight loss surgery.

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Options:  Titan Lasers

Laser therapy tummy tucks are the most non invasive procedure available, and not surprisingly, the most popular, too.  In laser therapy, the problem area is treated with a high powered laser which heats up collagen fibers, and in turn shortens them.  Not only does laser therapy help to dissolve fat, it also tightens the skin, giving it a more natural look.

Many people will try one or more of these non surgical “tummy tuck” procedures in conjunction with each other, along with diet and exercise for best results.  If you’re considering a tummy tuck procedure, there are a number of other options to painful liposuction surgery.  For more information about these and other weight loss procedures, check with your doctor or local healthcare specialist.

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