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Nursing Chair Types and Styles

Nursing Chair Types and Styles

If you, or somebody you know, is expecting, then you are likely aware of the long list of purchases expectant parents need to make in preparation for the arrival of their new little blessing. One of the most overlooked, but important purchases expectant parents or their friends can make is that of a quality nursing chair. Anybody who has gone through the experience of waking up for late night feedings only to feel the dread of finding comfortable seating knows the value of having a good, reliable nursing chair in the nursery of a newborn.

Nursing chairs are not going to be the least expensive investment you’ll make as new or expectant parents, but it is certainly a valuable investment you’ll be glad you made. During pregnancy, and in the first few months after the birth of your child, comfort will be of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to have to interrupt their sleep, or deal with a lack of sleep, while sitting on an uncomfortable chair that leaves you with sore and tired muscles. What’s more, this chair will last for many years. As your child grows up, it can function as a cuddling chair, a reading chair, or just a relaxing chair, thus it certainly ends up paying for itself many times over.

Nursing Chair Styles and Colors

There are nursery chairs in virtually every style you can imagine that function both as an extension of your room décor, and a perfect place to nurse and spend quality time with your new baby. Generally speaking, the most frequently found nursing chairs come with an either wood, plastic, or metal base, and a deep cushioned seat designed for the ultimate in comfort for mother and child. If it is important that the chair has the ability to rock, you will find many rocker styles with curved bottoms, but cushioned recliner-style seats. Many chairs also come in stationary glider styles, which tend to be less noisy and don’t move around the room like normal rockers have the tendency to do. Nursing chairs have certainly come a long way since the days of rigid wooden styles with the hard backs and creaking construction. Now, mothers can choose a chair they won’t dread when it comes time for a 2am feeding.

Nursing chairs also come in a variety of colors. This means it’s easy to coordinate them to match your existing nursery décor, with fabrics in soft pinks, bright blues, or more neutral tones like cream or gray. Many nursing chairs are also available in easy-to-clean plastic and leather covered models, or you could opt to purchase a removable slip-cover that will allow for extra support and padding for those with sensitive backs.

The Most Important Thing to Look For

Comfort and appearance aside, the most important thing to look for when purchasing your nursing chair is safety. Especially if you plan to keep the chair in the nursery room as your child grows, gliders and rockers might pinch curious little fingers. If the chair is painted or finished, make sure you know that it is done so with paint that does not contain harsh chemicals. Also, be sure that the construction of the chair is sturdy and stable, so it won’t suddenly collapse underneath the mother.

With the variety of nursing chairs available on the market, there will likely be no need to compromise. If you look carefully, and know what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the nursing chair that fits your needs and tastes perfectly.

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