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The Overmantle Mirror Guide

The Overmantle Mirror Guide

Home buyers often cite fireplaces as being one of the first features they look for or request when shopping for a house. And who can blame them? They provide energy efficient warmth, and create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to cozy up to. They also have the added benefit of establishing the focal point for what is usually one of the biggest rooms of the home. But often, homeowners find it difficult to decorate the area above the fireplace mantle. A simple row of pictures in frames can shorten the height of the room, and appear cluttered, but an empty mantle space can leave the wall feeling unfinished and boring. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to purchase an overmantle mirror. Overmantle mirrors help to open up rooms, expand light, and add elegance and visual interest. They make a fabulous investment for anybody looking for a way of solving that blank space above the fireplace.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Overmantle Mirror

Before you go looking for the perfect mirror for your mantle, you need to consider the size of the space you’re wanting to cover. Buying an overmantle mirror that is too small can appear unfinished and visually uncomfortable, but one that is too large may not fit. When deciding on the right size, you’ll have to figure out whether or not you’ll want the mirror to cover the entire exposed area, or have enough room for a frame. You’ll also want to take into account the existing or planned decor of the room. While mixing elegant vintage designs with modern furnishings and decor is very fashionable these days, it may not suite your tastes. You’ll want a piece that goes well and expresses your personal style.

Overmantle Mirror Shapes and Styles

Traditionally, overmantle mirrors came in two styles. The triptych, which is composed of three hinged, attached, or even separate but matching mirrors offers an elegant old world flare. These are perfect for spaces above large, wide fireplaces, and look especially grand with gold or brass frames. The other traditional style is the large, single pane mirror. Often the edges of these mirrors are beveled, providing some depth to the mirror. Single-pane overmantle mirrors can be found in a variety of shapes but the most common is usually a rectangle. Because this is the most basic mirror shape, it can work well with just about any style of decor, taking much of the guesswork out of picking a mirror that will work well in your space.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to traditional styles when choosing an overmantle mirror to enhance your space. You can have a mirror designed and cut to fit the entire space above your mantle, creating a seamless look that will work wonders in providing a more spacious feel. You can also decorate the space with broken mirror pieces to create an interesting design that can mimic existing stone features of the home. In addition to the actual mirror, adding a frame or molding can help give texture and accentuate the mirror. Molding can be painted to match the surrounding wall or color palette. Frames can be crafted of wood for country and wilderness themes, silver or black for more contemporary styles, or gold or copper to fit well with more elegant and sophisticated interiors.

How to Hang Your Overmantle Mirror

Hanging your mirror can be somewhat of a hassle, but taking a little effort and time to make sure that your mirror is positioned perfectly and securely will save you from later frustrations of a broken or ill-positioned mirror. The most important thing you can do is make sure you’re hanging your mirror with sturdy wire, and that the wire is properly attached to the mirror. Once this is completed, you’ll want to consider what the mirror will be reflecting. Adjusting where the wire is attached to the mirror can help in angling the mirror so it doesn’t reflect ugly beams or harsh lights. You an also consider simply leaning the mirror, or multiple contrasting mirrors, against the wall instead of hanging them. Be sure to give them a wide base distance for added safety.

There are a wide variety of retailers who can provide you with a huge selection of overmantle mirrors. The key to picking out the perfect mirror is to select one that fits the space you’re purchasing it for and matches your style perfectly. Provided you dust it regularly and hang or position it properly, you’re sure to get years of enjoyment out of your investment.

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