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Caring for Children: A Pediatrician Job Description

Caring for Children: A Pediatrician Job Description

A pediatrician is a medical doctor who has taken further studies in the care of children from birth through the teen years. The pediatrician job description can include a variety of tasks, from the day to day office visits to hospital visits for newborns. Knowing the details of a pediatrician job description makes it easier to understand precisely what a pediatrician does.

The usually daily work of a pediatrician involves seeing children in a medical office environment. These visits can range from routine well baby and well child check-ups to urgent medical issues due to illness or accidents. Many pediatricians work in offices with a group of other doctors, and will take on urgent visits on behalf of the other practitioners if they aren’t available to see a regular patient. Also common to a pediatrician job description is taking on a rotation of on-call availability. This keeps a doctor available to talk to concerned parents 24 hours a day; having more doctors in a clinic makes it easier to split this workload.

It is also part of the typical pediatrician job description to visit a newborn in the hospital shortly after birth for a basic assessment of the child’s health. Many parents select a doctor prior to the baby’s birth to ensure they will have immediate access to a pediatrician for the many early well visits babies require. The chosen doctor will generally come to meet their new patient within a day or two of birth, and will then continue care for the child for many years, often into adulthood.

While a pediatrician job description can have a variety of responsibilities listed, the main job of a pediatrician is to care for children both when they are healthy and when they are ill, and ensure they grow up as healthy as possible.

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