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Pet Sitting Rates: Everything You Need to Know

Pet Sitting Rates: Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning a weekend getaway or a business trip, you may be concerned with leaving your pet behind. Kennels and catteries can seem too impersonal and most friends and relatives are not too keen on the idea of having your dog or cat stay with them for a few days. The best solution overall is to hire a pet sitter to come to your home and take care of your pets whilst you are away.

You can easily locate a pet sitter in your area by doing a search online or by asking your veterinarian, neighbors and friends for referrals. Before deciding on the right pet sitter, you may need to do a bit of research into the various pet sitting rates that are offered by the pet sitters in your neighborhood.

Typically, the pet sitting rates that will be quoted to you will usually include feeding your pet and making sure that they have fresh water available, playing with your pet, taking your dog for walks or going outside for exercise, cleaning out the cat’s litter box and any messes that your pet makes and generally giving your pet lots of attention while you are not home.  Some pet sitters also offer house sitting services as well, such as watering plants, closing the curtains, bringing in your mail, turning lights off and on and taking out the trash.

Besides the various levels of services that pet sitters offer, their pet sitting rates are also influenced by various factors. The most common being the area in which you live. Pet sitting rates in New York City will be much higher than the pet sitting rates offered in Nebraska. Generally speaking, pet sitting rates in the Northeast and Western U.S. states average between $12 and $20 per visit. Pet sitting rates in the Midwest and Southern states average between $8 and $16 per visit.

The next factor to consider is how many pets you have. Some pet sitters will charge a set rate no matter how many pets you have in your household. Others will charge you an additional fee for every pet that you have. Some pet sitting rates are set to distinguish between sitting for dogs and sitting for cats, with pet sitting rates for cats being the lowest. This is because cats are less troublesome to take care of than dogs.

Another factor influencing pet sitting rates is the length of the pet sitting visit and how long you will be away from home. On average pet sitters spend between 15 and 30 minutes with your pet for each visit and they come three times per day. Some pet sitting rates are designed to offer discounts for multiple days. Expect to pay more for pet sitting rates during major holidays.

Overnight pet sitting rates average about $50 per night. You could choose to do overnight pet sitting with additional dog walking during the day, which may cost an extra $10 to $15 depending on the length of the walk.

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