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Pink Carnations

Pink Carnations

Carnations have been cultivated for thousands of years, and have been a beloved gift for just as long. The carnation was first discovered by a Greek botanist in the Mediterranean Islands who went by the name of Theophrastus. Carnations are known to botanists by their scientific name “dianthus.” This term derives from the Greek words “dios,” which means Zeus, and “anthos,” which means Flower. This is how the Carnation got its moniker “flower of the Gods,” and many would agree that it lives up to its nickname. The sweet, spicy aroma, similar to that of cloves, makes the Carnation a favorite among many, especially those who enjoy the smell of fresh flowers. The beautiful ruffle of petals makes it a very feminine flower that has been used throughout history to symbolize both virginity and fertility, forever associating this treasured flower with the concept of creation and motherhood.

Pink carnations can grow well in almost all mild environments, holding up well in full sunlight, as well as cooler fall conditions. They can be found in most countries, blooming in some areas year round. Much like their resilience in diverse weather conditions, they are also very versatile gifts. The simplicity and sweet aroma makes them an ideal gift for young children as they are edible and non-toxic, thus they don’t pose a risk if a curious child decides to take a bite out of it. In fact, the Carnation’s petals are sometimes used in culinary dishes like salads and pies, or as a spice added to beers and other beverages. Due to their soft, sweet appearance the founder of Mother’s Day felt that the pink Carnation was a testament to the mother’s undying love for her children, and decided to make the pink Carnation the official flower of Mother’s Day. This is also the ideal flower to congratulate a new mother who has just given birth as it expresses the excitement and eternal devotion she most certainly feels.

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