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Pink Daisies

Pink Daisies

Daisies got their name from the Anglo-Saxon term “daes eage,” which means “day’s eye.” This is because the daisies petals seem to open and close as the sun rises and sets, seemingly greeting the day. This simple, yet almost enchanting presence certainly plays a huge part in their popularity. With over 20,000 species of Daisies available, growing in virtually every climate and country on the planet, the possibilities are almost endless. Pink Daisies are typically of the Gerbera genus, and can be found in a variety of hues, ranging from a bright neon pink, to a deeper more purplish pink, to the lighter pastels. Their centers are usually a bright yellow, but variations of black, or a darker shade of pink are often seen as well.

Since pink daisies bloom best with full exposure to sunlight, they tend to grow well during the most seasons, but are most commonly associated with the rejuvenation of spring. For this reason, they have become a symbol of youth, birth and rebirth. Pink daisies are the perfect gift to give a young mother, especially if she is expecting or has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Pink daisies can be given to mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s Day as well. Another great occasion perfect for a bouquet of pink daisies might be a kindergarten graduation gift to congratulate a niece, daughter or granddaughter on their growth and achievement, or for a new girlfriend whom you’re not quite ready to say “I love you” to yet. At a time when red roses can be too overbearing and send too strong a message, a bouquet of pink daisies sends a more subtle message that you care about your significant other and wish to show appreciation for that person. This means they are great to send when the relationship is still new, or the lovers are still young.

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