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Pink Lilies

Pink Lilies

In the middle ages, the Chinese first described the Lily by nothing that “the plant flowers until late autumn and there are three types, red, yellow and purple.” Of course, now we know there are a variety of Lilies, and their colors are just as diverse. There are now somewhere around 80 types of Lilies, spanning across the globe. However, most Lilies are native to North America. It is the pink Lily, however, that often achieves the most popularity, especially in the Stargazer Lily, particularly around Mother’s day. The Lily is believed by many to represent the concept of motherhood and the Virgin Mary, and thus represents a very important symbol to many religions, especially Catholicism.

Pink Lilies are one of the most versatile flowers available for retail. Typically blooming in the middle of the summertime and into late fall, pink Lilies are known to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth. However, the Lily in general is recognized as being symbolic of innocence and purity, stemming from its religious associations, making it a universally acceptable gift, no matter what message you intend to send. A beautiful bouquet of pink Lilies is a fantastic way of wishing somebody well on their birthday, congratulating a new mother on the birth of her child, or sending sympathy to a good friend for the loss of a family member. The pink Lily is also one of the favorite choices of brides. After all, weddings are meant to celebrate the prosperity and unity of two pure hearts. What better way to say your vows than with a bright, beautiful bouquet that symbolizes all your loves stands for? Pink Lilies are also a great choice for mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s day, because of its relationship to the virgin mother Mary. The truth is, no matter what the occasion, the pink Lily is sure to be a hit.

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