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Pink Orchids

Pink Orchids

Thanks to over 25,000 known species, the Orchidaceae family is the single largest flowering plant family in the world. Add to that the estimated 60,000 hybrid Orchids, and the choices are almost endless. The name Orchid is derived from the Greek term “orchis,” which means “testicle.” This is due to the bulbous shape of the Orchid’s roots. There are around 140 species of Orchids that are native to North America, and of these, pink Orchids are pretty common. The Arethusa or wild pinks, and the Cypripedium, or moccasin flower, are two popular species of pink Orchids, though there are countless other varieties available as well. Because of their rare beauty, the Orchid is one of the most highly sought after ornamental plants. This has unfortunately lead to Orchid smuggling and poaching. Thanks to environmental regulations, much of the smuggling has subsided, however many Orchid species still remain endangered.

The majority of Orchids tend to grow best in moist, tropical environments, with a few Orchid hybrids capable of surviving in dry or colder climates. Pink Orchids are bright and cheerful in the springtime and the summer months, and will be easy to maintain indoors with the warmer weather. Known for their delicate sophistication, pink orchids are said to signify fertility and a sense of mature affection, and are traditionally given to mothers on Mother’s Day or during baby showers. These are also a great option for grandmothers on Mother’s Day. Because of the wide variety of orchids available across the world, the meaning varies a great deal as well, from culture to culture. In American culture, the pink Orchid is said to be the flower of the 14th wedding anniversary. The Chinese look at Orchids as a symbol of the innocence of children and thus may make a pleasing addition to a nursery, provided it’s kept out of reach of curious hands. Pink orchids also make perfect gifts in ceremonies that acknowledge the growth of a child into an adult, such as a quinceanera or bat mitzvah.

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