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Plastic Folders: Choosing the Right Type for You

Plastic Folders:  Choosing the Right Type for You

Are you in need of one or more plastic folders but are a little confused about choosing the right type? Are you even aware that there are many, many different types of plastic folders available? Plastic folders have come a very long way in recent years, and there are presently plastic folders available for almost every scholastic, business or personal purpose you could possibly think of. Here we will discuss some of the different types of plastic folders on the market today, along with some tips on how you can make the perfect choice for your project.

Types of Plastic Folders

In my day (and I’m sure I’m dating myself), folders came in one medium: paper. And the only choice you had to make was what color you wanted. In fact, thinking back I seem to recall I had a whole 4 colors to choose from: red, yellow, blue, and green—oh, and if we were really lucky, Mom would let us choose the super cool PeeChee folder—also paper—with the sports characters on it. That was it. No fancy designs or cool logos, and of course since the folders were constructed of paper, they lasted only a few days before they would rip or tear.

One day, however, someone wised up and invented the plastic folder, and now there are hundreds of styles and designs to choose from, and they actually last for as long as you need them. Below are a few examples of the many types of plastic folders available:

  • Two-pocket plastic folders. Two-pocket plastic folders are considered the standard in the industry and are by far the best selling. These plastic folders are perfect for younger children who need to tote homework back and forth from school, along with important school announcements and permission slips.

  • Presentation Folders. Plastic presentation folders are usually transparent and help protect important reports and documents. They are frequently used for things such as book reports, thesis, business proposals and presentations. These types of plastic folders are available in many shapes and sizes, including two-sided, three-sided and legal sized.

  • Contemporary Plastic Folders. Contemporary plastic folders are usually decorated with the latest popular fad or cute little animals and are a great way to express your interests and your personality.

  • Certificate Holders. Plastic certificate holders are generally colored on one side and transparent on the other. These plastic folders are ideal for displaying things like certificates of award, school progress reports and diplomas.

  • Expandable Plastic Folders. Expandable plastic folders can collapse to the size of a standard size 9 x 11 folder, yet when opened they expand to reveal any number of separate pockets within. These are a great idea for organizing class work from several different subjects or teachers.

Plastic folders have come a very long way since my days in school, but my loss is undeniably your gain. These days, whatever your unique need may be, you can bet you’ll find a plastic folder up to the job.

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