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Playground Wood Chips – Advantages, Disadvantages & Where to Find Them

Playground Wood Chips – Advantages, Disadvantages & Where to Find Them

Playgrounds are an essential part of any school or recreational facility, providing hours of enjoyment—and exercise—to children of all ages. And when it comes to making the ground beneath these fun zones safe, there is perhaps no better material than playground wood chips. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using playground wood chips as a foundation for child play areas, along with some information on where to find them.

The Advantages of Playground Wood Chips

The chief advantage of playground wood chips, the reason to purchase them in the first place, is safety. Wood chips provide a soft, cushioned landing in the event of a fall, and can help avoid many common playground injuries. Studies have shown that wood chips help children absorb the blow of a fall, and are much safer than other surfacing materials including gravel, asphalt and even rubber.

Wood chips are not only softer than other surfacing materials, they are also more affordable. For example, a standard playground surfacing project that costs $5,000 using wood chips will cost almost $20,000 using a rubberized surface.

The Disadvantages of Playground Wood Chips

Although the advantages of playground wood chips substantially outweigh the disadvantages, there are a few drawbacks. Wood chip surfacing tends to be very porous in nature, and can prove difficult to maneuver on for handicapped individuals. Using hardwood chips as opposed to tree bark and other wood products, however, has helped to make these surfaces a bit more handicapped accessible.

Playground wood chips also tend to hide foreign objects and materials that can pose a danger to children. Broken glass, metal and even animal feces can be obscured by playground wood chips, so it’s important to inspect the playground area regularly.

Where to Find Playground Wood Chips

Playground wood chips can typically be found at any playground equipment company or hardware store. To find a retailer near you, or to buy your wood chips online, simply perform a search using the phrase “playground wood chips.”