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Pre Marriage Counseling: Everything You Need to Know

Pre Marriage Counseling: Everything You Need to Know

Getting married is an exciting time, and a romantic time as well.  It is easy to forget that you will have many years of making a life together ahead after that magical day.  While the event planner is there to help you prepare for the wedding, pre marriage counseling is there to help you prepare for the marriage itself.  With the incredibly high rate of divorce around the world today, most experts recommend that every couple have some form of pre marriage counseling before they say “I do”.

If you are getting married in a church, you may find that your faith actually requires you to attend some pre marriage counseling classes.  The good news is that these classes are often included in the cost of having your wedding there.  Most of the pre marriage counseling held at a church is taught by older members of the community who have been married for many years.  They try to pass on some basic advice and recommendations about getting married, but are rarely professional counselors.  For many couples, this might be enough, but for others a stronger form of pre marriage counseling is a good idea.

Seeing a professional couples counselor for pre marriage counseling is a good idea, especially for people who are getting married after a short courtship or are very young.  A professional counselor can help you to truly prepare for the responsibilities and the difficulties of being married.  They can also help you to address any already existing issues in your relationship before you get married.  Pre marriage counseling can help a couple to work out issues before they become huge problems that could potentially end a marriage.

Although most people who are about to get married feel that they are very much in love and can’t imagine feeling any other way, the divorce statistics show that a good portion of them are wrong.  It is easy to dismiss pre marriage counseling as something you don’t really need, but the fact is that few couples think they need it, and most couples really do.

There is no reason to feel ashamed about using pre marriage counseling as a tool to prepare for marriage.  Instead, you should feel proud and happy that you are doing all you can to make certain that your marriage beats the odds.  Walking down the aisle is the easy part; facing years of everyday life together is a lot more difficult.  Pre marriage counseling can make it easier.

In pre marriage counseling you will gain the tools and the understanding to recognize and deal with the common issues that come up in a marriage.  Many people fail to work out their problems in marriage because they simply don’t know how; pre marriage counseling can make sure that you do know how.  While taking a pre marriage counseling course or private sessions doesn’t guarantee your marriage will last, it can certainly help you to have a better chance of making it as a married couple.

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