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Prepaid Legal Complaints: What You Should Know

Prepaid Legal Complaints: What You Should Know

Prepaid Legal has been a popular service in recent years that provides discounted legal services to members who pay a yearly fee for the service. However, a number of Prepaid Legal complaints that have surfaced over the past few years along with a drop in the membership for the service have led many to question whether or not Prepaid Legal is an honest service or a scam to make money off of nervous people. A quick look at the type of Prepaid Legal complaints that are most common can help to answer these questions.

Prepaid Legal complaints fall into two main categories: complaints by members and complaints by the people who actually sell the prepaid legal service to potential members. These two complaints seem to be unrelated as they concern different aspects of the business.

The most common Prepaid Legal complaints heard from members are in regards to the availability of services, the difficulty in contacting or receiving a response from an attorney, or the quality of the legal advice or services provided. A good portion of the Prepaid Legal complaints stem from people who were confused as to what was actually included in their membership plan and believed they would be covered for excluded services. In many cases, reading the fine print could have avoided these Prepaid Legal complaints. There are however a fairly large number of complaints relating directly to the service that was received by members. The most commonly stated issue was response time from an attorney, while a close second is the difficulty in canceling the membership.

The other category of Prepaid Legal complaints comes from an unrelated source. Prepaid Legal memberships are sold through a multi-level marketing, or MLM type set up. This means that the representatives who sell memberships are not only trying to make a profit from the members they bring in, but also to make a profit from other representatives they can recruit to work under them. In many cases the Prepaid Legal complaints coming from this sector have to do with the MLM type of system which can be very difficult to navigate and in many cases extremely hard to turn any real profit in.

It is generally true that the representatives who make Prepaid Legal complaints did not truly understand what they were signing up for, or believed that they would make much bigger profits more quickly. This is common to most MLM systems, which bring in representatives with the promise of a quick and easy source of income.

There are many Prepaid Legal complaints out there, but there are also many members who are very satisfied with their membership and feel it is well worth the monthly cost of the service. When it comes to deciding for yourself whether or not to join up with Prepaid Legal, the best thing you can do is to weigh the pros and cons. Read both the Prepaid Legal complaints and the positive reviews and remember to take it all in balance to make the right call.

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