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Prison Bus Inmate Transport Explained

Prison Bus Inmate Transport Explained

From time to time it becomes necessary to transport an inmate or prisoner to a new location. This may be for many reasons, including health problems, changes to incarceration terms or the need to appear in court, but no matter what the circumstances, the typical mode of transport is by prison bus.

What is a Prison Bus?

A prison bus is similar to a typical school bus or public city bus that people ride in every day, except that it has been modified to handle inmates in the most secure manner possible. Typically, a prison bus has bars on all of the windows to prevent easy escape by breaking the window glass. Additional outside fortifications of the prison bus include dual tires to prevent the disabling of the prison bus via popping of the tires, reinforced siding, bulletproof glass, deadbolts on the doors and additional locking mechanisms once all of the prisoners are inside of the bus.

Depending on the prison bus, there may be modifications to the inside for solitary confinement of certain inmates, partial confinement via bars or wire mesh or flame-retardant seats with anchor points for shackles and other restraints. Finally, the driver is segregated off from the rest of the inmates to ensure they are able to provide uninhibited focus on safe and secure transport of the inmates to the final destination.

Who Provides Inmate Transport by Prison Bus

There are two main types of parties who provide inmate transport services via prison bus. Depending on who is being transported and between what facilities, that service may be offered by either local law enforcement or by the prison itself. This is the most common type of inmate transport by prison bus.

While inmate transport by prison bus is typically conducted by law enforcement, there are many situations which arise, such as lack of available transport vehicles or personnel, where the best solution is to engage the services of a private company that specializes in inmate transport and provide their own prison buses. These companies perform the service of inmate transport every day and can be a great alternative to law enforcement directed inmate transport.