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Purple Carnations

Purple Carnations

For thousands of years, the beautiful Carnation flower has been cultivated for the enjoyment of many. First discovered by Theophrastus, a Greek botanist in the Mediterranean Islands, and then extending across the planet, Carnations are known to scientists as “dianthus.” Dianthus is derived from the Greek words for God (dios) and Flower (anthos)¸ which gives them the nickname of “flower of the Gods.” The carnation is one of the most popular gifting flowers in history, and has been used as an award and offering since its discovery. In fact, ancient civilizations used Carnation chains to form ceremonial crowns and garland. The petals of the Carnation also have popular culinary uses. The petals of the flower can be crystallized to decorate cakes, and the fresh petals can be combined with other greens in salads.

Purple Carnations grow best in full sunlight, and are considered to be in season during the late summer and early fall, however, they are generally able to hold up well in most mild weather conditions. Because purple is a color associated with royalty, these Carnations were thought by ancient Romans and Greeks to be the “flower of the Gods.” An elaborate bouquet of purple Carnations is a great way to show appreciation for people whom you hold in high regard, especially fathers and grandfathers on Father’s Day, or to show a valued employee on a Staff Appreciation Day that you appreciate all that they have brought to the company. The symbolic sense of pride associated with purple Carnations also makes them a great gift on for graduates, as it conveys to them how proud you are of their accomplishments. In France, purple Carnations are traditionally given at funerals as a sign of sympathy and condolences. However, in the United States purple Carnations are thought to be an indicator of whimsicality and spontaneity. This makes them an ideal choice for eloping young couples who intend to wed.

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