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Purple Daisies

Purple Daisies

Daisies are flowers of a more simple elegance that harkens back to the days of daisy chains, VW Beetles, and “he loves me not.” But it’s the year-round availability of the daisy, and the versatility found in the variety of colors, that has made it one of the world’s most requested flowers. These daisies are resilient, and can be found and grown in almost any climate. Most recognizable in white, daisies are also available in more royal, bold hues like the stunning purple daisy. Purple daisies range in hue, for those who want something more subtle than the bright purple, with more pale, pastel shades, or bluish hues available as well. With a smooth, leafless stem supporting a single flower, they are ideal as both single blooms rising out of a narrow vase or carefully arranged in a colorful bouquet. Most purple daisies tend to be hybrids of Gerbera Daisies, and frequently found with dark, almost black centers, though variations of green and yellow are common as well.

Purple daisies are perfect for sending a warm but subtle message of appreciation and admiration for somebody’s accomplishments or bravery. For occasions like graduation or sports award ceremonies, when the gift of roses is designated usually for parents of the graduating student or family of the award recipient, purple daisies can be a great alternative for aunts and uncles to give nieces or nephews to symbolize a high regard for their achievements. They are also a great gift for young mothers who have given birth, or expect to give birth to a bouncing baby boy. Especially since some hues of purple tend to appear almost blue. Because daisies are the perfect gift for small children, they would also make a unique gift for a child who has just preformed in a school play or sang in her first recital as a way of putting them on the back for their courage.

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