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Purple Lilies

Purple Lilies

Purple Lilies are flowers that denote royalty and status, and they stem from the majestic Liliaceae plant family. With somewhere around 90 different types of Lilies, many of which are native to North America, the possible combinations for Lily bouquets and arrangements are almost endless. Lilies symbolize the Resurrection and the Virgin Mary, and are generally considered the official flower of Easter, as well as a common funeral flower, for it is said to be indicative of a pure, innocent heart. The folklore surrounding Lilies is extensive as well. Legend holds that Lilies have mysteriously appeared on the grave sites of individuals executed for crimes that they did not commit, and are also thought to bring power and prosperity for the family member who delivers the first wild Lily of the season.

Purple Lilies are flowers of elegance and prestige, and tend to bloom best during the mild summer months through early fall. Their trumpet shape and deep royal color declare the presence of an honored guest or announce the arrival of an anticipated event, and therefore are the ideal option for tasteful, classy weddings or business banquets. The purple Lily is said to be a symbol of honor and virtue and deep respect, much like a Purple Heart. These are a fantastic choice when honoring employees or coworkers during an awards ceremony, or thanking an esteemed boss or business partner. The purple Lily is also a royal treat when trying to select an arrangement of flowers to give to a father or grandfather on Father’s Day. College graduations and returns from military deployment are other occasions when a classic arrangement of purple Lilies can be used to tell somebody that you admire their commitment and are proud of their accomplishments. The regal color of purple Lilies make them a flower fit for a king (or queen).

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