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Purple Orchids

Purple Orchids

The Orchid’s name derives from the Greek “orchis,” which is meant to describe the Orchid’s bulb-shaped roots. As members of the Orchidaceae family, Orchids are part of the largest flowering plant family on the planet, with over 25,000 species and 60,000 hybrids available worldwide. The large number of hybrids is due to frequent cross-pollination of the various Orchid varieties, which allows new Orchid species to be developed without the assistance of a laboratory, though many new species have also been developed by botanists and orchid growers. Purple Orchids are found in two varieties. Terrestrial Orchids grow on the ground, while epiphytes Orchids are found in trees. Of the purple Orchids, the Cattleya species tend to be the most popular, and often most expensive. This is likely due to their delicate structure and vivid purple color.

Because orchids tend to grow best in moist tropical climates, they are generally found more often during the summer months, though there are some Orchid hybrids that can hold up just as well in harsh or cold winter weather. Orchids, when kept warm indoors and allowed plenty of indirect sunlight, look simply stunning in the wintertime, particularly in the presence of elegant snowfall. However, you’ll want to be sure your Orchid is not receiving constant sun exposure, as this direct sunlight can burn the leaves. Purple is one of the most sought after orchid color. The rich color and stylish symbol of prosperity makes them the ideal flower to give to a potential business partner, or new client. Realtors might find these make a great housewarming gift for their recent homebuyers, as they exude class and sophistication, while being easy to maintain and giving of a heavenly aroma. Purple is said to be a color of success and achievement, so coupled with the purple Orchid’s rare and unique design, this makes a sophisticated gift for congratulating recent graduates or employees whom have effectively reached a milestone.

Photo courtesy of Amy Dianna

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