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How to Record a Great Phone Greeting

How to Record a Great Phone Greeting

We’ve all had that moment of anxiety when it’s time to setup a new voicemail account and we’re prompted to record our new phone greeting. Everyone wants to record a great phone greeting that provides the caller with the necessary information, yet sounds friendly and encouraging enough for them to leave a message. Here are a few simple steps anyone can take to record a great phone greeting.

Steps for Creating a Great Phone Greeting

The first step should be to write out a script of your phone greeting. Make sure to include all of the information a caller needs to navigate your phone system. Should they just leave a message? Or can they get to the operator by pressing a number? In the phone greeting, don’t forget to ask the caller to leave all of the information that you’ll need to call them back. Scripting your phone greeting prevents you from stumbling over words while recording it and make you feel less anxious while recording it.

Once you’ve scripted your phone greeting, practice it a few times, being sure to speak clearly and slowly. Time your greeting while you’re practicing it as well. Callers don’t want to sit through a long phone greeting just to leave a message. If it’s too long, cut the length of it. Whatever you do, resist the urge to speed up speaking your phone greeting.

When you speak your phone greeting, smile as you do so. Research has shown that when you smile while speaking on the phone, callers can “hear” your smile. Your voice takes on a much friendlier, positive tone that callers respond too. Smiling while you speak will give your phone greeting that little extra touch to make it great.

If your phone greeting is for a business or work number, your callers are likely to feel that reaching you is important. Help them by including how long it usually takes for you to return a call in your phone greeting. A lot of phone greetings include the not-so-helpful phrase “I’ll return your call as soon as possible”. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to tell your caller something like, “I return all calls within 4 hours”? The more your phone greeting can help your callers, the shorter and more productive your calls will be. This also prevents over-anxious callers from filling your voice mail box with repeated messages.

Finally, update your phone greeting based on the current circumstances. For example, if you know that you’ll be in meeting all day and unable to return calls in your normal time frame, update your phone greeting to reflect this. Vacations, days full of meetings, and times when you’ll be traveling are all good situations to update your phone greeting and let your callers know that you might be delayed in responding to them.

Recording a new phone greeting should not be an anxiety inducing process. Simply script your greeting, smile while you speak and give your caller all the information they need. These simple steps will help you record a great phone greeting.