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Red Bracelet Types – How To Choose The Perfect One

Red Bracelet Types – How To Choose The Perfect One

Recent times have seen a resurgence in symbolic meaning attributed to colored bracelets. “Power bracelets” made of semi-precious stones, Kabbalah string bracelets and rubber band bracelets for specific causes have all emerged as ways to show pride in or allegiance to a cause through the use of a red bracelet. Other red bracelets are simply fashion statements – but before you purchase or create a red bracelet, you should understand the causes behind certain types.

A Kabbalah bracelet is a red bracelet made of string. It is connected to the Kabbalah tradition – a type of Jewish mysticism recently popularized by Hollywood stars in the media. Tradition says that these bracelets protect against the Evil Eye and prevent harmful influences that can prevent a person from truly understanding the Kabbalah teaching. Before purchasing a red bracelet of this type, you should read up on Kabbalah and its treatment as a fad in celebrity culture – it may be offensive to some people if you choose to wear this red bracelet because it is a trend and not because you are connected to the Kabbalah tradition.

Another type of red bracelet you may want to steer clear of is the “pro-ana” red bracelet. These red bracelets were popularized by the pro-ana movement, composed almost entirely of young women who embrace eating disorders and encourage each other to starve themselves, diet and exercise to an unhealthy level. A red bracelet within the pro-ana community signals a resistance to recovery, pride in one’s eating disorder and solidarity with other people who consider their eating disorders to be positive things and sources of strength and beauty. The online “red bracelet project” is connected with this group and movement. Involvement in this community can be dangerous and damaging to your health and recovery, so steer clear of this “red bracelet” trend. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, talk to a parent or counselor or visit nationaleatingdisorders.org.

Other red bracelets have much more positive connotations. After the yellow Livestrong bands became popular, similar rubber bands appeared to help raise money and show support for various causes. Today, red bracelets in the Livestrong style are typically associated with the fight against HIV/AIDS or heart disease. A sillier type of red bracelet is worn by Stephen Colbert, a television personality who began wearing a “Wriststrong” bracelet and selling replicas after injuring his wrist. Another type of red bracelet that carries meaning with it is the power bracelet. Power bracelets made of red jasper are usually associated with willpower, protection and strength.

Of course, not all red bracelets have so many meanings attached. Many are simply fashion statements. A red bracelet can be woven or beaded and can include charms, beads, dangles and precious stones. Sometimes, the only statement a red bracelet makes is “I look fantastic!”

Finding Your Perfect Red Bracelet

Whether you want a fancy red bracelet to go with a prom dress or a cute red bracelet to wear every day, your options are limitless. For an inexpensive red bracelet. check out the jewelry section of stores like Claire’s, Forever 21, and Target for red bracelets in plastic, glass, metal charms and semi-precious stones. Many other accessory and apparel stores will have red bracelets for sale – it’s up to you to find the perfect one!

A Google search can also help you find plenty of red bracelets for sale – jewelry and clothing websites have every type of red bracelet imaginable! If you want a custom or one-of-a-kind red bracelet, check out the website Etsy, which offers handmade arts and crafts from artists all over the world. There, you can find your perfect red bracelet or order a customized one from an artist whose work you admire.

You can also create your very own red bracelet to match your tastes. A visit to a craft, hobby or beading store will turn up all the materials you need to make whatever type of red bracelet you want You can also assemble a red bracelet out of Pandora or Troll charms or even connect lots of red-themed Italian link charms together for a unique red bracelet that’s all you!

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