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Red Contacts: The Complete Guide

Red Contacts: The Complete Guide

While Halloween may seem far away, now is a great time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. The trend these days is to go as a member of the Twilight film crew, right down to their white makeup and red eyes. If vampires are just not your thing you can always go as one of the most popular Halloween characters – a devil. Either way you are going to need plenty of red, especially in your eyes. One very simple way to achieve this is to wear red contacts.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Investing in a pair of red contacts is a great way to make sure that you stand out amongst the regular Halloween crowd. Red contacts are especially helpful if you want to scare the living daylights out of someone during Trick or Treating or at a Halloween party. Don’t be surprised, however, if the reaction that you get out of a few people is pure amusement and laughter. There are people out there in the world today that will find a pair of red contacts to be quite amusing, especially those who have a morbid sense of humor.

Although you do not have to wait for Halloween to come around again just so that you can pull out your red contacts to wear, red contact lenses can also be worn for a variety of other reasons. You may be playing the part of a vampire, devil, demon, or other type of evil character in an onstage play. You may also choose to wear red contacts as part of a clown costume for a children’s party or as entertainment for a charity event. Perhaps you are going to attend a concert of your favorite alternative rock or grunge band and you really want to look the part. In either of these situations, red contacts will definitely help you stand out!

Who Can Wear Red Contacts?

If you are merely looking for easy ways in which you can change your appearance, then you can always opt instead for colored contact lenses in shades of blue, hazel or brown. But if you really want to be noticeable then wearing red contacts is definitely the way to go. Unlike typical colored contact lenses, red contacts can be worn regardless of what your natural complexion and eye color is.

Styles of Red Contacts

These days, red contacts come in quite a few styles and designs. A few of the most popular are ones that have a black lining around the outer edges of the red contacts; lenses that have unique spiral designs around the iris; and red contacts that have designs within the red itself, such as tiny stars. Vampiric looking red contacts are also extremely popular amongst party goers and while these lenses do cover your entire natural eye color they also have a translucent middle section that is placed around your iris, allowing you to see your surroundings quite clearly. On the other hand, there are also red contacts available that are one solid color which will give your vision a red glow.

Just as there are many different styles of red contacts, so too are there many different colors of red contacts. Most people think of red as being the color of a nice, juicy apple, but red contacts can be found in various shades starting with pink-red, pale red and light red, to darker shades such as burgundy, crimson and scarlet. Then there are also red contacts that come in shades of cherry and ruby. Other red contacts actually have silver glitter on them so that they give the appearance of twinkling whenever the wearer moves their head. Some red contacts are made to look as if the wearer has just got very bloodshot eyes.

Where to Purchase Red Contacts

Thanks to the ever increasing popularity of red contacts, they can now be purchased almost everywhere from a large chain of supermarkets and drug stores, right down to your corner gas station.  Most people who are looking to purchase red contacts are not aware that they can usually be found at costumes shops around town as well. However, the best selection of red contacts is normally always found online.

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