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Reminder Bands: What They Are and Why You Need One

Reminder Bands: What They Are and Why You Need One

Have you seen several members of your social circle wearing reminder bands? Are you curious as to what they are representative of? This quick guide will not only detail what these silicone wristbands are, what they mean, but it will also let you know why you should consider wearing your own.

History Of The Reminder Bands

Also known as awareness bracelets, these silicon bracelets have been around since the 1980’s but they didn’t really achieved their height of popularity until 2004 when a bright yellow band produced by the Lance Armstrong Foundation was introduced. The yellow bracelet symbolized an awareness to raise money and interest in support related to cancer research for a cure.

By mid-2005 it seemed liked just about every celebrity and follower of the celebrity world was wearing one of the trademark yellow bracelets; early 2005 saw many other charities using awareness bracelets to promote and bring more attention to their own causes.

As a general rule, the color of the reminder bands is the same color of the awareness ribbons for the causes that they are representative of; for example:

  • Pink – breast cancer awareness
  • Red – AID’s awareness 
  • Blue – diabetes awareness

Keep in mind that colors may vary across different countries – so before trying to promote your charitable organization in one or more countries be sure that you are aware of any other awareness campaigns and the colors that are associated with them. Also remember that there may be more than one charitable cause associated with various colors. For example, black awareness bands could be in recognition of a POW (prisoner of war) or for gun control awareness. Green awareness bracelets could be symbolic of raising environmental causes or as a part of a donor organ awareness campaign.

There were several urban legends attached to the silicone awareness bracelets however they were soon proven to be just that: urban legends with no factual basis behind them. That said, many school districts have taken steps to ban students from wearing them – despite the urban legends having been proven to be false. If your school-aged children are supporters of several charities consider checking with their school district to find out if there are any bans currently in place.

Why You Need A Reminder Band

There are several reasons that you should take the time, and the money, to invest in one of these trendy awareness bracelets. Not only are they are great addition to your casual wardrobe but they are also a great method of showing your support for the charity that they are representative of. If you support more than one cause then you should consider wearing more than one – after all, you can never be too supportive of charitable causes.

When you wear an awareness bracelet then you are very likely to strike up conversations with other people, like co-workers or members of your gym, about what the bracelet stands for. What a great way to spread the word about the valuable charitable organization that you support!

If you are a volunteer or founding member of a charitable organization then you should give a bit of thought to creating your own reminder bands. These awareness bracelets can make an excellent method of raising much-needed funds for your organization and they can also help to spread the word and raise awareness about your cause.

There are many businesses that can help to not only produce your new fund and awareness raising bracelets but they can help you come up with a great design if you are looking to stray away from the usual solid colors. For example, animal rescue groups could produce solid white bracelets with black or blue animal paw prints on them – cute, useful, and raise funds for your charity – what more could you ask for! They are sure to be a bit hit at your next fund raising event so that supporters of your charity can display their participation proudly on their wrist.

When it comes to creating your own awareness bracelets be sure that you select only a reputable production company that has a positive background and good reputation for not only creating reminder bands but also for working with charities. A good production company will be able to help you to select a design and color that will work best for your charity’s needs.

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