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Replacing Your Dutailier Cushions

Replacing Your Dutailier Cushions

Dutailier glider rockers are so popular that many people seek to replace their Dutailier cushions as they wear out or become stained rather than seek a brand new rocker. Dutailier does manufacture replacement cushions, but doesn’t sell them directly through their website. You will have to seek a retailer for your Dutailier cushions.

Dutailier Gilder Rockers

Dutailier is a Canadian company that specializes in gilder rockers. Dutailier cushions are so comfortable that they have become a highly popular choice for nursery furniture. Dutailier cushions are available in a wide variety of custom fabrics and colors, letting you select the option that is perfect for your room’s décor and your personal taste.

Build to the highest specifications, these glider rockers have a reputation for longevity. It is likely your Dutailier cushions will last some time, but probably not as long as the sturdy wooden frame due to the nature of fabric. Thus you may need to replace your Dutailier cushions long before the usable life of the rocker is at an end.

Locating a Retailer for Dutailier Cushions

Where you will purchase your replacement Dutailier cushions depends on the country in which you purchased your glider and the model of glider you own. Fortunately, Dutailier offers a retailer search on their website that allows you to search with your zip code and the model of your glider. Not all retailers offer sales of Dutailier cushions, however. So once you find a list of retailers, you may need to narrow it down.

Alternately, you can go straight to the place where you purchased your glider to find out if they also sell replacement Dutailier cushions. If not, they may be able to direct you to the correct place. Numerous online retailers offer custom order services that allow you to choose your fabric.

Ordering Your Dutailier Cushions

With custom orders made especially for you at the Dutailier factory, your new Dutailier cushions will fit your glider perfectly. You can also make sure they fit your décor by selecting your fabric personally. Some retailers even offer the service of sending out a fabric swatch so you can make sure you are selecting exactly what you want for your Dutailier cushions.

The standard set of Dutailier cushions comes with seat, back and ottoman cushions for complete replacement. Should you require only one piece, such as the ottoman cushion, you can order separately. Arm rest cushions are also available. Be sure to double check the model number of your glider before you order your Dutailier cushions to ensure they will fit properly when they arrive.

Looking to save some money? Some online retailers may have overstock or mistakenly ordered Dutailier cushions that they will sell for a fraction of the cost of a custom ordered set. You will need to shop around a bit, and won’t have as much choice in the fabric type and color, but the savings will be worth it.

Replacing your Dutailier cushions is well worth it, as your glider will continue to serve for many years to come. The sturdy and reliable chairs will last a lifetime with a facelift thanks to some brand new Dutailier cushions!