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Same Day Dentures Explained

Same Day Dentures Explained

Same day dentures allow those who will require dentures to have them in place on the same day that the teeth being replaced are removed. The ability to receive dentures in a day means that the patient will not have to wait to be able to eat and speak properly, and can return to normal function sooner rather than later. Same day dentures are especially popular when only a few teeth are being removed and full dentures are not required, but full dentures in a day are possible as well.

Getting dentures in a day requires some foresight and planning. If you want to have your dentures placed immediately after extraction of teeth, you will need to discuss the options prior to the procedures. Be sure you are aware of the potential risks of same day dentures; they may shift after being installed and need to be adjusted later. However, they also have benefits that make them a popular choice; aside from the benefit of having the use of your mouth back faster, they also tend to result in less pain and quicker healing.

Same day dentures mean skipping the lengthy procedure that normally accompanies getting dentures – there is no need for temporary dentures, and there is no need to go through multiple fittings and procedures. Immediately following the extraction procedure the denturist simple places the new dentures into the mouth and affixes them. This allows the patient to have everything done and taken care of in one visit, although the possibility of shifting that will require some adjustments does remain.

Getting your dentures in a day is often similar in price to the old, slower method, so there are no real cost differences that will make same day dentures difficult to obtain. In fact, they are often even more affordable. The dentures are chosen ahead of time and created to match the existing color of the teeth already in the mouth. This allows the dentures to fit in rather than standing out as obviously whiter than the rest of your teeth. If you are replacing all of the teeth in your mouth with same day dentures, you can select whatever color you prefer, although teeth that are too white tend to stand out as being dentures, so those who prefer a more natural look might choose a different shade.

Before you make any decisions, take the time to sit down and discuss same day dentures with your denturist. They will be able to explain the procedure in full to you and help you to determine if same day dentures are the right choice for your situation. Be sure to consult with your insurance company as well prior to the procedure. Some dental insurance policies will cover same day dentures only in part or not at all, depending on your policy and the reason you are having the teeth extracted. It’s a good idea to know exactly what your out of pocket cost will be prior to having the dentures put in, this way you will avoid any nasty surprises on the bill.

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