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Scan Like a Pro with a Security Wand

Scan Like a Pro with a Security Wand

Safety and security is a key concern these days, with individuals bringing explosives or weapons into areas populated by civilians in order to make political statements or carry out personal grudges. For businesses or large companies, it’s crucial to make sure that their buildings are kept safe for the general public. But it can be tricky balancing security with individual rights, especially when simple metal detectors can only identify the presence of metal without necessarily pinpointing whether the metal is a replacement hip joint or a firearm. A hand-held security wand is the answer, allowing security experts to unobtrusively identify the location of any metal, allowing innocent people to maintain their dignity while catching potential threats.

A security wand is a flat, rectangular device that is small enough to be used in just one hand, like a wand. When waved near metal, it sets off an alarm. As such, security personnel can use security wands to identify possible threats. These can be used in conjunction with full-size metal detectors in order to identify exactly where the metal is located. By moving the wand past the body, the security employee is able to determine where the metal is located and therefore determine whether a threat is present or not. They can also be used by themselves. An easy wave of the wand past individuals determines the presence of metal and allows the screener to quickly identify any possible dangers. Some styles are round rather than flat, providing a full 360 degree scanning surface and allowing a faster, easier scan.

Many different features are available for security wands. Most have rechargeable batteries, allowing security personnel to work without being hindered by long, cumbersome cords. While older models required fine-tuning with multiple dials, today’s advanced security wands are designed with internal balancing mechanisms, adjusting themselves for the best scan possible so that all the screeners need to do is flip an on/off switch in order to operate the device.

Security wands are made with audible alarms to alert the screener when metal is detected. But many also come with another mode, a silent, vibrating mode. This mode increases the privacy of the individual being scanned, allowing for greater personal dignity, while also keeping the alert quiet so that it is easier for the screener to privately and quietly deal with any potential threats. Some security wands also come with an earpiece for the same purpose, so that only the screener knows exactly where metal was detected.

There are a variety of prices for security wands, with more expensive ones coming with greater security features. Either way, security wands are a relatively inexpensive method for improving security protocols.

Most security wands are sensitive enough to pick up even something as small as a penny, guaranteeing that threats can be located and identified. At the same time, these wands maintain the dignity of the innocent, without requiring invasive touching or handling by security personnel. When it comes to safety, security wands are an excellent way to maintain a respectful and safe environment.

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